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LG Joins Samsung in Curved Display Smartphone Race with LG G Flex

LG Joins Samsung in Curved Display Smartphone Race with LG G Flex

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I guess we have bragged enough about Samsung Galaxy Round, which is known to be the very first curved display Smartphone, but this is the time that we should move forward from it, as now it is the time for LG G Flex, which is known to be their first curved display Smartphone.

LG G Flex is not out in the market yet, but the company has already unveiled its specs for us to know what this new curved display phone has to offer. Galaxy Round was only launched in South Korea, and in limited numbers, as it was just a prototype that Samsung planned to test and make money at the same time, while LG G Flex will be launched globally.

LG G Flex is also known as a curved banana phone, and this is mainly because its screen has a curve similarity with Banana.

LG G Flex comes up with a massive 6 Inches of Curved P-OLED capacitive touch screen, which concludes it in the list of Phablets. So if you are willing to have a phone with a huge display and Curved screen at the same time then LG G Flex is surely the phone for you. However the only drawback we have found by far is that it doesn’t come with any kind of screen protection which gives its image bit shaky when it comes to its screen’s durability.

Besides everything else, neither Galaxy Round Nor LG G Flex are pocket friendly, as their curved display won’t allow them to be, however these phones are ideal as well as stylish if you are willing to carry them in your hands or handbags / Backpacks.


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