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Smartphone Giants Plan to Add Kill Switch Function in 2015

Smartphone Giants Plan to Add Kill Switch Function in 2015

Kill Switch function is known to be one of the most discussed topic among different Smartphone manufacturers, Phone OS developers and Phone carriers in United States.

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The discussion to add “Kill Switch” function has been fallen off from the table a couple of times, but it seems that the companies have finally agreed to add this feature in their phones. These companies include: Samsung, Apple Inc. Nokia, Microsoft, Google, Huawei, Motorola and HTC.

The biggest reasons for adding this security feature is to protect the privacy of the users and to reduce the street crimes related to Smart phones. Other than that, this feature will also damage the Black Market of Smart phones, which mainly thrive on the stolen phones or due to the personal data they contain. This feature will be included in every Smartphone from July 2015.

The Kill switch function will work remotely, and a suffering person can delete all of his personal data even all the functions of his phone remotely, hence allowing the stranger to only call to 911 and will not allow him to do anything else, hence allowing the users of this feature to get the most out of this feature.

One of the most surprising thing about this deal is that this is supported by Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, which are known to be the biggest phone carriers in U.S., as these companies offer its users with paid insurance in case their Smartphone has been stolen, and implementing this function will surely effect their sales, but it seems that they have something better in their minds. But what we have in our view is that all of these Smartphone manufacturers and Carriers have totally agreed to add this function.

One of the best thing about this function is that, it will be a hardware related function rather than software, hence allowing the older device to also get benefited from this feature simply by installing it from the app stores, hence also allowing them to secure their current phones instead of just buying the newer ones for the sake of just single feature.

This news regarding kill switch function is only limited to the United States till now, and there are no reports that such type of function will also be added in the phones of different countries and region. So the chances are that this feature might only be limited to the United States or these Smartphone giants might also plan to offer similar feature for different countries and regions too!


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