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Method to Solve iPhone 5 Buzzer Problems

Method to Solve iPhone 5 Buzzer Problems

The purpose of iPhone 5 Buzzer is to offer ringing sound whenever you get a call from anyone. Having well working buzzer is surely very important, and this is because at times you are at some places where you might not be able to feel the vibration of your phone and you need a proper buzzer sound, so that you will be notified about any kind of calls. A good number of phones encounter different kind of buzzer problems. The problems of iPhone 5 buzzer as well as their solutions are explained below.


  • No Sound
  • Distraction in sound
  • Low Sound

Reasons of Problems

  • Phone might be water damaged.
  • Dust or dirt in phone’s buzzer.
  • Buzzer holes might be covered in dirt or dust.
  • Dust sticks over buzzer net which results in low or distorted buzzer sound.
  • Dock strip might be damaged or faulty.
  • Buzzer IC or Buzzer itself must be faulty.

Hardware Solution

iphone 5 buzzer problem

removing iphone 5 screws

  • Open screws of iPhone 5 (at left and right of the charging connector), and remove LCD screen with the help of a suction cup.

removing motherboard screws

  • Now remove all the screws of Motherboard in order to detach it from iPhone 5.

remove motherboard

  • Disconnect battery strip, antenna wire, charging dock strip and lift motherboard in order to remove it.
  • Now remove charging dock strip simply by pulling it up.
  • Clean buzzer net with a brush and check sound. (For distracting and low sound)
  • If there is no sound in the buzzer, physically check the connector strip and on board connector. Clean the on board connector and connector strip.

buzzer and charging dock

  • Check buzzer with the help of Multi meter, if it is faulty then replace it.
  • Check charging dock strip, replace it if faulty.


  • Check Buzzer strip on board connector.

buzzer ic and capacitor

  • Now check capacitors of Buzzer IC, if they are faulty change them.
  • Check Buzzer IC, if it is faulty then change, this should solve the problem.

You need to check buzzer sound after every step, so that you may know what the actual cause of problem is, and whether that step was able to solve the buzzer problem or not.


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