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IPhone Trade-In Scheme Finally Lands in UK

IPhone Trade-In Scheme Finally Lands in UK

iPhone 5S trade in scheme UK

After United States, Apple has also initiated Reuse and Recycle iPhone schemes in UK, which will surely give the residents of UK a good chance to exchange their older version of iPhone with a newer one!

In Apple’s UK based site you can find a separate page which says that customers can now trade-in their iPhone’s and get a voucher of up to £175 Pounds in order to buy a new iPhone. This indicates that that you cannot just use that amount of gift card to buy something else other than iPhone even if it is any other Apple product.

This is surely a good initiative by Apple, as they would not only be helping the environment, by recycling their older phones, but they will also offer iPhone lovers a good chance to buy a newer iPhone model, without paying in full from their pockets. But still in the end, Apple Inc would be the one that will be making most out from this deal. There have been reports that if Apple’s UK deal go well they might be initiating iPhone Trade-in Schemes in other European Countries too!

The method of determining the value of every older iPhone is based on its current condition which is determined by Apple’s representative. Apple’s representative inspects your iPhone thoroughly in which he checks for any possibility of water damage, hardware damage, quality of screen etc. before offering you any price, hence allowing you to get the best possible price as per the condition of your phone without any kind of technical jargon.


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