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iPhone 6s Specs and Review

iPhone 6s Specs and Review

After one full year of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’s launch, Apple Inc. launched its next inline iPhone 6s on 15th September 2015. The style and design of iPhone 6s remains the same (other than a minor increase in the phone’s body dimensions), but it surely came up with a good number of impressive hardware updates in the iPhone 6s, which will surely make your eye balls pop out!


IPhone 6s Specifications


Just like iPhone 6, 6s’s display size remains the same i.e. 4.7” of LED-backlit IPS LCD screen, though the screen to body ratio is reduced to 0.2% (Previously: 65.8%. Now: 65.6%).

Internal Memory

iPhone 6s comes with the storage option of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB of internal storage space.


When it comes to camera, iPhone 6s came up with the major hardware update, as now:

  • Rear Camera: 12 Megapixel Dual LED camera, (previously 8MegaPixels)
  • Video: Instead of 1080p video at the rate of 60FPS, now it offers video resolution to up to: 2160p @ 30Fps
  • Front Camera: 5 MegaPixels camera (Previously 1.2 MegaPixels Camera)


iPhone 6s is equipped with a powerful 1.84 GHZ Twister processor, A9 Chipset and  2GB RAM.


iPhone 6 is equipped with a powerful 1715 mAh battery (Li-Po), which is pretty decent, but less powerful than its predecessor.

iPhone 6s Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look at the iPhone 6s Pros and Cons.

Pros of iPhone 6s

  • Have a slight larger dimension as compared to its predecessor.
  • iPhone 6s is equipped with a powerful back and front camera, as compared to its predecessor. Plus high definition video recording. (2160p)
  • More powerful processor followed by extra RAM allows you to do lag free multi-tasking like never before.
  • Comes with a good number of color selective options.

Cons of iPhone 6s

  • The biggest disappointment of iPhone 6s is that it’s battery is less powerful as compared to iPhone 6, and with the additional powerful hardware, the phone will surely not last that longer as compared to its predecessor.
  • Lack of external memory feature might effect the users of 16GB iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s Review

The style and design of iPhone 6s remains the same (as expected), but this time Apple Inc. has surely came up with some of the most impressive hardware upgrades ever! iPhone 6 and 6 Plus surely did a great job in the market mainly because of the fact that they were in new style and bigger size, but iPhone 6s sweep the market mainly because of its feature. With an ever impressive camera upgrade, it is surely in the Wishlist of all the selfie and photography lovers. Besides that, the upgrade in processing power and RAM has surely give this device an upper hand as compared to the others, especially for the people who to run heavy applications, games and love to do multi tasking.

However the only not-so-impressive thing about iPhone 6s is that, Apple inc downgraded the battery power of iPhone 6s, and the upgrade of phone’s hardware will surely consume more battery as compared to its predecessor, hence that’s the only reason why you hear iPhone 6s battery problem news.

Overall this phone is very much impressive, and its surely a good idea to go with this device.


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