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iPhone 6 Expected to have a Display without Frame

iPhone 6 Expected to have a Display without Frame

iphone 6 display without frames

After an extraordinary last quarter of 2013, Apple Inc. is fully focused towards their 6th generation of iPhone, as they want to retain the record number of sales that they did in the last quarter.

Internet is surely filled with hundreds of rumors regarding the upcoming iPhone 6, and it seems that Apple is fully focused to make this launch a one impressive one by offering some of the most innovative features and design. These rumors largely include the iPhone 6’s screen size, features and display.

As per the recent reports by The Korea Herald, there are strong chances that iPhone 6 will be equipped with a display without frame and will retain the Fingerprint Scanner found in iPhone 5S. Besides that, it is also reported that iPhone 6 will be even bigger than its predecessor. IPhone 5 and 5S came up with the screen size of 4 inches, while the all new iPhone 6 is expected to have a display size of 4.7 Inches which is surely a one huge one. This display size is surely going to offer users maximum visibility, but it might take the charm out of the iPhone.

In order to make iPhone 6’s Fingerprint sensor more distinctive than the previous one, Apple is currently testing the technology which will make the entire display screen of iPhone to act as a finger print sensor, which will surely be one step ahead of all the companies that are also working to include finger print sensor technology in their phones.

Previous reports by Bloomberg reported that Samsung is also working on a curved display phone, as they have already claimed the patents for their upcoming curved screen phone, however curved screen iPhone isn’t expected that soon, and you might witness that in iPhone 6S or 6C (this time “C” will surely be used for Curve).

However one of the biggest drawbacks of this display without frame is that, it might make the phone’s display way much vulnerable, and there might be more cases of iPhone broken screens as compared to the previous stats, hence people need to be more careful while handling their phones and its usage.

Now there are just couples of months before the launch of iPhone 6, and as the time passes you will know much more about its upcoming features and design.


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