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How to Solve iPhone 5S Touch ID Problem?

How to Solve iPhone 5S Touch ID Problem?

One of the things that made iPhone 5S most distinctive as compared to other Smart phones is its iPhone 5S Touch ID. This Touch ID is basically the most distinctive feature offered by any of the Smartphone, as The Fingerprint sensor that comes with the iPhone 5S not only allows you to access your Smartphone, but it also offers you to access your iTunes ID as well, which surely adds an added security. However some of the iPhone 5S devices are encountering issues in their Touch ID, and the iPhone users are not able to access their iTunes.

iphone 5s touch id problem

In the following lines you will get to know about some of the iPhone 5S Touch ID problem that people are encountering:


  • IPhone 5S is not giving them access to their iTunes account via Touch ID.
  • Sometimes Touch ID gives users the access to the iTunes account.
  • Touch ID takes a longer time to authenticate.

Reasons of Problems

  • There might be dust or dirt particle over Fingerprint Sensor.
  • Software problem.

Potential Solution

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to clean Fingerprint sensor gently with the help of a cotton cloth and then retry.
  • If your iPhone 5S is asking you to enter password after every 5 to 10 purchases then it is not a problem, as Apple Inc did that on purpose for offering people extra added security. This is surely irritating but is added for the safety of iPhone 5S users.
  • Update your Software, as Apple has already released their 7.0.1 update which offers solution of this problem completely. You can update your phone simply by going into:
    • Settings.
    • General.
    • Software Update.

This will surely update your phone and will help to overcome this problem in the best possible manner.

  • If the above mentioned step fails then it must be some hardware issue, and the next thing that you need to do is to take it your nearest iPhone Support Center, as if it is the hardware issue they will offer you a replacement phone or free repair.

Finger Print Sensor / Touch ID is surely an innovation, especially when it comes to security, as this feature is known to be one of the reasons why people have bought iPhone 5S to the masses, as other than bigger screen and powerful specs people are also look for phones that offer them extended security feature, especially when it comes to their personal and financial information, and this iPhone 5S Touch ID is offering them.


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