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How to Solve iPhone 5S Rattling and Noisy Button Problems?

How to Solve iPhone 5S Rattling and Noisy Button Problems?

IPhone 5S didn’t came up with much of the problems, but still there are some manufacturing related faults. Companies surely try there level best to offer consumers with best products, but it is the massive consumer demands that made companies lack in some section and at the end the user has to go through this problem. Normally if it is a manufacturer related problem then it is the duty of the manufacturer to get this thing fixed or replace the device, but in some cases the manufacturer backs out, as in their opinion it is not something that might damage your phone.

rattling button problem

A good number of iPhone 5S users have complained that they are encountering rattling and noisy button problems in their phone; let’s have a detailed overview of this problem as well as all of its possible solutions.


  • User encounters rattling sound in his phone.
  • Buttons sounds louder when clicked.
  • Power button rattles when phone is shaken.

Reasons of Problems

  • IPhone 5S battery is loose which is causing the rattling or thudding sound.
  • IPhone 5S power button is loose which rattles on shaking your phone or its usage.
  • Manufacturing fault.

Potential Solution

This problem is found in a good number of iPhone 5S phones, and the only thing that you can do in order to overcome this problem is to take your phone to the iPhone Customer support, as they are the one that can get this thing right for you. If you are encountering a rattling sound or thudding sound in your phone then you should pray that it is a battery problem, and this is because if it is the battery then Apple Inc will get it fixed or replace it for you and if not then maybe you have to live with that particular phone. However this thing varies from case to case, as the reason of this rattling could be anything.

The reason why they won’t replace you in other case because for Apple Inc it is not the thing that can damage your phone but it is surely very annoying and it might be able to damage your phone in near future.

This problem is just another manufacturing fault in iPhone, therefore it is highly recommended that one should take this phone to iPhone Customer support before trying anything else they will void their warranty and then Apple won’t do anything in order to get that thing fixed.


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