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How to Solve iPhone 5S Overheating and Battery Drain Problem?

How to Solve iPhone 5S Overheating and Battery Drain Problem?

iPhone 5S is known to be the newest generation of iPhone that made more sales as compared to any of its predecessors. In beginning there was a huge demand and supply gap and it took several weeks for the online buyers to get their hands over their iPhone 5S, and this might be one of the reasons why some of the people are having different problems with their iPhone 5S.

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A very few people have reported that they are encountering iPhone 5S overheating and battery drain problem in their phone, and the best thing about this is that most of the people have easily resolved their problems with the help of some of the work around methods, however this problem could also be due to hardware faults in your phone.

In the following lines you will get the method to resolve iPhone 5S overheating and battery drain problem in the best possible manner.


  • Phone gets overheated.
  • Battery draining.
  • Phone takes long time in charging.
  • After phone starts to overheat, battery starts to drain out quickly.

Possible Solutions

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to understand at what moment your phone starts to overheat, as this overheating problem also happens due to faulty apps.
  • In order to check all you have to do is to restart your iPhone and try to observe which app is consuming more battery or is the cause of overheating problem. Install any of the System Monitoring apps and observe the activity of all the apps, this will surely help you to recognize the apps causing this problem.
  • If the above method doesn’t help you in resolving the problem than the next thing that you need to do is to take backup and restore your phone, and when it comes to reinstalling the apps, chose them wisely so that you don’t end up like last time.
  • If all the above methods are not able to solve your problem then it must be an hardware issue and you should contact iPhone Customer support for that, as if it is a manufacturing fault than they will either fix it or replace your phone with a new one.

Above mentioned methods will surely help you in resolving your iPhone 5S battery overheating and draining problem, else Apple will surely be able to get this problem resolved for you in the best possible manner. But make sure that you don’t go to a repairer, else this might void your iPhone warranty, and you will be stuck up with this issue.



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