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IPhone 5S Went Out of Stock – Is this a Publicity Stunt?

IPhone 5S Went Out of Stock – Is this a Publicity Stunt?

After the launch news of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it was evident that iPhone 5S won’t be able to make good enough sales, and this was mainly because of the extensive features offered by Note 3, but it seems that iPhone 5S is doing quite good in the market, as there are confirmed reports that iPhone 5S is already out of stock due to immense sales.

iPhone-5s out of stock

We know people have been standing in long queues in order to get their hands over iPhone 5S, but the news of iPhone 5S going out of stock is simply outrageous and the analysts believe that this is just a publicity stunt played by Apple Inc. as getting out of stock within a fortnight is surely not possible. This hype about iPhone 5S going out of stock will not only help them to get free publicity, but it will also attract a whole lot of others to come forward for this all new iPhone 5S.

Besides everything else, one thing is for sure that iPhone 5S surely has captured the attention of the entire media, even after its success ratio was considered to be quite less after the launch news of Note3.

Not only in United States, one can easily witness huge crowd of people standing in queues waiting for their turn to buy iPhone 5S in a number of European as well as Asian countries. If this “Out of Stock” is a publicity Stunt by Apple than it might also have an adverse on their market, and this is mainly because of the fact that such people might switch towards Galaxy Note 3, if they are not able to get their hands over iPhone5S. Now all we have to do is to wait and watch how well this goes on and who wins 2013!


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