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iPhone 5S Market Share in China Jumped to 12%

iPhone 5S Market Share in China Jumped to 12%

iPhone 5s sales in china

iPhone 5S, which was expected to be the least successful iPhone, came out as one of the most successful one. This new generation of iPhone surely gave a huge boost to the sales, specifically in Chinese markets.

Apple previously planned iPhone 5C to compete in Chinese Smartphone mid range market, but it failed to do so. It seems that iPhone 5S was enough to take the spotlight.

Previously Apple only had 3 Percent share in Chinese market, but with the launch of iPhone 5S, it surely did wonders for them, as company witnessed a dynamic increase of 9%, this thing has surely paved the way for Apple to get deeper into Chinese market.

Besides everything else, till October the sales of iPhone 5S and 5C left Samsung Galaxy S4 left behind globally. This is surely a big blow to the Samsung, who has always achieved top rank when it comes to Smart phones.

Samsung might need to switch their priorities, as grasping 9% of Chinese market in just a single month by Apple can enforce more severe results on Samsung’s market and at this rate, it won’t be much difficult for Apple to grasp that even more especially when they are heading towards a curved screen iPhone.


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