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How to Replace iPhone 5S LCD Screen?

How to Replace iPhone 5S LCD Screen?

One of the most common problems that people encounter with their iPhone 5S is the cracked, damaged, faulty or broken screen, which normally happens when your phone encounters any kind of physical collision that damages your front glass or in most cases also your LCD screen. Just like every other Smartphone, iPhone 5S also has a very delicate LCD screen and sometimes even a minor pressure or force is enough to break it down.

iPhone 5S comes with a LED Back-lit IPS LCD Screen with Corning Gorilla Glass and Oleo Phobic Coating which makes its screen much more reliable. In the following lines you will get to know the method of iPhone 5S screen replacement.

Tools Required

  • Star Screw Driver.
  • Plastic Separation Tool.

Steps to replace iPhone 5S LCD Screen

iphone 5s screws

  • In order to remove your iPhone 5S LCD Screen, you need to remove the screws (2 in no’s) which are at the bottom of your phone. In order to do that, just hold your phone upside down and remove the two screws. The location of the screws is marked in the above picture.

unlocking iphone 5S locks

  • Now introduce plastic separation tool in this system. Place the separation tool between the LCD Screen and body of your phone and gently push it up a little bit so that a space is created between the LCD and body, so that you can easily slide the separation tool from bottom to top so that you unlock the phone.
  • Slide plastic separation tool at the left and right side of the phone so that you can unlock all 4 locks of your iPhone. Two locks of iPhone 5 are at the right side while two are at the left side.

iphone5s-90-degree angle

  • After you are done with unlocking the phone, gently pull the LCD screen up from the bottom in a way that it makes a 90 degree angle with phone (as shown in above picture)

display connector

  • Now you will see display connector in front of you (mentioned in above picture), gently remove it with the help of a plastic separation tool.

touch screen strip

  • Afterwards remove touch screen connector strip as well, which is at the bottom of the display strip. Make sure that you remove both of these strips with the help of a plastic separation tool and with gentle and steady hands. Now you can gently remove the faulty / broken LCD screen.

iphone 5s lcd screens

  • Now introduce new / working LCD screen in your iPhone 5S, place it at a 90 degree angle and connect both Touch screen Strip and Display strip gently.

iPhone 5s

  • After connecting both strips, check whether the LCD screen is working or not, if it is working then place it over your phone and gently press the LCD screen from the corners in all directions so that you can lock your iPhone 5S screen with the body properly. In case it is not working then disconnect both strips and reconnect.


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