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iPhone 5S Deal with China Mobile Felling a part

iPhone 5S Deal with China Mobile Felling a part

iPhone 5S Deal China Mobile

China Mobile is known to be the biggest Chinese Carrier with more than 750 Million Subscribers, but still they were not able to finalize the deal with Apple for iPhone 5S.

Over the years both of these companies have been trying to secure a deal, but their efforts always fell in vein. Apple has always been more than interested in striking a deal with China Mobile, and this is mainly because they would be able to capture Chinese Smartphone market to the masses. Besides that, iPhone 5S might also become the major share holder in China, which is known to be the biggest mid-ranged smart phone market currently ruled by Samsung.

For previous couple of months both of these companies are trying to finalize the deal, but it seems that it might take few more months before these two companies come under a proper partnership bond.

China Mobile’s Chairman officially said that they haven’t finalized any deal with Apple yet, and one of the biggest reasons for this might be that iPhone 5S needs 4G Network in order to work with China Mobile, which China Mobile is going to launch real soon across China.

Now all we have to do is to just wait and watch when iPhone 5S will come up with China Mobile, but it is surely evident that it would take few months more.


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