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iPhone 5S Breaks all the Apple’s Previous Sales Records

iPhone 5S Breaks all the Apple’s Previous Sales Records

iPhone 5S record sales

Few months back, we have witnessed some of the analysis over iPhone 5S launch as well as Note 3 Launch. All the technology analysts were sure that iPhone 5S would be a total failure, as only few of them would be interested in buying iPhone 5S, as the launch news of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is just a few weeks ahead of iPhone 5S which is surely going to take the spotlight and steal the market. Besides that, they also predicted that Apple is going to incur heavy losses over iPhone 5S, but the things have surely turned around.

Apple surely have made billions out of this, as per the Company’s official statement, Apple has sold a record breaking number of iPhone past week which is around 10 million. This is surely twice the quantity that Apple sold at the launch of iPhone 5.

Apple surely did great in the last quarter of the year and Tim Cook should surly be appreciated for that, as they pick themselves up from a bad state, especially when Apple was losing ground in its Home country.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. seems to be more than happy after hearing this news, as he said it to be their best launch ever which is not only doing well in United States, but also in other regions of the World, and this is one of the reasons why iPhone 5S was sold out much more quickly.

The next planned shipment of iPhone 5S, is scheduled to be in October which would surely be close to the shipment date of Note 3, hence giving a real tough time to its Global Rival Samsung. Apple surely knows all the rules of the game, and they are playing it really well. Steve Jobs might be Innovative but Tim Cook is a real marketer.


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