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iPhone 5S Users Report Blue Screen Crash more Frequently

iPhone 5S Users Report Blue Screen Crash more Frequently

iPhone 5S blue screen of death

Remember that Blue Screen of Death that was associated with older version of Microsoft Window’s Operating System? If yes, then you are going to witness that again, but this time in iPhone 5S.

Recently a good number of iPhone 5S users reported that their screens are crashing more frequently while accessing apps. After this blue screen, iPhone 5S automatically restarts within 2 to 3 seconds.

This problem has been reported by users of Apple’s Customer Support site, but it seems that only iPhone 5S users are suffering from this issue, as the percentage of this issue among iPhone 5 and 5C users is less than 1%.

We are not sure whether this is some kind of software glitch or iPhone 5S’s hardware is causing this, but whatever it is we just hope that Apple resolves this problem soon without the need of submitting devices in Apple’s Service Center.

It has surely become a common thing that whenever Apple Inc. comes with any kind of software or hardware update, it’s the end users who have to suffer, although Apple Inc. overcomes the issue at the earliest.

Besides that, iPhone iOS 7 update is also filled with a good number of glitches and software errors, but within a matter of days Apple came up with iOS 7.0.1 and 7.0.2 update, which resolved most of the problems. However for the rest of the issues, we need to wait for the coming update, which might come up in a few days. For the “Blue Screen Crash and Reboot” error, we might have to wait a bit longer.


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