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IPhone 5C Sales Running Behind as Compared to iPhone 5S

IPhone 5C Sales Running Behind as Compared to iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C sales

This year a whole lot of analysis and expectations have came out completely opposite, as most of the analysts failed to understand the market trends as well as customer’s mind.

IPhone 5C which is the economical version of iPhone was expected to create history when it comes to sales, as it is known to be a cheaper version of iPhone for which people have been waiting for years. While on the other hand, iPhone 5S was expected to come out as a failure as it was estimated that it would only have a limited number of sales, but it seems that things have came out entirely different.

IPhone 5S made some record sales in just a week of its launch, and its sales are quite higher as compared to the iPhone 5C, which was surely an unexpected outcome.

One of the reasons for this might be that, consumers have been thinking that iPhone 5C is of low quality or this might affect their financial reputation among others even though it isn’t that cheap! However other reasons for the lower % of sales might be that iPhone 5C has similar features as of iPhone 5, which just makes it an older phone with a newer look and people are always looking forward towards something new and innovative rather than cheap and old.

Due to significant decrease in sales %, a good number of retailers like Wal-Mart have reduced the price of iPhone 5C, in order to clear the stock as soon as possible. Besides everything else, Apple has also cut down the supply of iPhone 5C on a large scale, as it was only able to impress 27% of the customers, although they have spent heavily on its advertisement.

The main purpose of iPhone 5C was to grasp the larger and economical markets of China, where people prefer low priced phones, but it seems that things didn’t came out the way Apple expected it to be, as iPhone 5C didn’t went out that viral. But still Apple Inc made some huge sales over iPhone 5S as well as over iPhone 5C!   


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