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iPhone 5C fails in China due to being ‘Too Expensive’

iPhone 5C fails in China due to being ‘Too Expensive’

iphone 5c fails in china

One of the biggest reasons for the launch of iPhone 5C was to capture mid-range market of China, which is known to be the biggest economy of the world. But it seems that Apple was not much successful in getting what they want, as most of the Chinese consumers marked iPhone 5C as a non-budget phone.

Well it is a known fact that iPhone 5C prices are not what most people expected it to be, and this is one of the reasons why iPhone 5C failed in Chinese market. China is known to be the world’s biggest market of mid-ranged smart phones, and any brand that offers them a good Smartphone in a budget is sure to make billions out of it, and this is what Apple Inc. has planned to offer to Chinese mid-range market, but alas still the prices of iPhone 5C were quite higher.

Tim Cook was in discussion with a number of Chinese telecommunication companies before the launch of iPhone 5C. This was done to secure a deal with these companies regarding to iPhone 5C and 5S, so that more and more people will be interested in getting iPhone 5C along with Chinese telecom packages.

Last time when Apple witnessed heavy sales in China was over its iPhone 4 and 4S, while iPhone 5, 5S and 5C didn’t do the way Apple Inc. was expecting. Hence iPhone 5C fails in China miserably.

Surely iPhone 5C is way much expensive when it is bought without contract; however Apple Inc. is working out deals with Chinese Telecommunication companies to launch iPhone 5C and 5S on contract, so that Chinese consumers can get iPhone 5C at a much lower price.


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