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How to Replace iPhone 5 LCD Screen?

How to Replace iPhone 5 LCD Screen?

One of the biggest heart breaking accidents that we encounter with our iPhone is that its screen gets physically damaged, cracked or completely broken down, as at this point we cannot do anything other than to replace our iPhone 5 LCD screen.

Normally we need to replace our iPhone 5 LCD screen due to any of the following reasons:

  • Your iPhone 5 LCD screen is broken down.
  • Screen is damaged or cracked.
  • Touch stops responding due to broken or faulty screen.
  • Yellow or white lines or dots on display (Screen is faulty).
  • Discoloration of screen.
  • Screen not turning on because it is faulty.


  • Star Screw Driver for the removal of screws.
  • Plastic Separation tool for unlocking iPhone locks and removing iPhone 5 Screen from the phone.

iphone 5

Here are the set of steps that you need to follow in order to replace iPhone LCD Screen:

Steps to Replace iPhone 5 LCD Screen

iphone 5 screws

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to remove the screws which are at the left and right side of charging pin.

4 locks of iphone 5

  • Now place Plastic separation tool at top of iPhone 5 at 85 degree angle and gently pull it up in order to create a space between iPhone 5 LCD screen and body of iPhone 5.

removing iphone 5 screen

  • Now slide plastic separation tool from top to the right or left side of your iPhone 5, so that you can unlock the locks of iPhone 5. (Two locks are at the right side and two are at the left side)

removing iphone 5 touch and display strip

removing display strip iphone 5

  • After unlocking all four locks of iPhone 5 LCD screen, gently pull it up from the bottom until it makes 90 degrees angle with the body of iPhone (as shown in figure).
  • Now disconnect display strip and touch strip in order to completely remove LCD screen.
  • Now take new LCD screen and connect display strip and touch screen strip in the similar way you disconnected them from the faulty LCD screen.
  • Now gently place new LCD screen and gently push it from the corners in downward direction (as shown in figure), so that the new LCD screen can be locked again.


  • Make sure that you don’t bend iPhone 5 LCD screen, as it is very delicate in nature.
  • Always perform this procedure while phone is turned off or screen is off. If you remove strips while the screen is on then it is going to damage your phone, its components or screen, and in worst cases iPhone 5 dies completely.



  • hello i change the lcd of my iphone 5 because it fall down and boke the glass, but when i start up the phone show the apple and this text.
    [NAND ] _FindFlashMediaAndKeepout :601 physical nand block offset 1

    [NAND ] start :356 this 0x9f538400 PROVIDER=0x9f6b1f00 flashMedia=0x9f6b1f00

    [NAND ] WMR_Start : 149 Apple PPN NAND Driver , Read/Write

    [NAND ] WMR_Start : 174 FIL_Init [OK]

    [NAND ] WMR_Open : 371 VFL_Open [OK]

    [NAND ] s_cxt_boot : 88 sftl : error , unclean shutdown; adopted 11280 spans

    [NAND ] WMR_Open : 420 FTL_Open [OK]

    [NAND ] _publishServices : 642 FTL capabilities : 0x00000001

    [NAND ] _ppnvflGetStruct : 3469 Checking borrowed blocks – count : 23 max_count : 23

    [NAND ] _fetchBorrowedList : 881 number of borrowed blocks 16

    i try to restore, hard reset, dfu mode and nothing works
    i see many forums but nobody have an anwer for this problem i thin is a hardware problem but i dont know what is.
    thank youvery much.

    • I don’t think that’s a hardware issue, and that’s quite odd that you are having this issue after you have broken down your LCD Screen. Just in case if you think that its a hardware issue (as you have already tried everything else) then i recommend you to unplug and re-plug your iPhone 5’s display connector strip and check. If that doesnt work then Flash your phone (format) after connecting it to your phone. If that doesn’t work for you then get it repaired from authorized Apple repairer, as you can’t do anything else in this case.

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