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How to Solve iPhone 5 Network Problem?

How to Solve iPhone 5 Network Problem?

Before anything else, an iPhone 5 is a phone that you would need to make calls and to send text messages all over the world, and it would surely be considered as useless if you are not able to get this thing done right for you. IPhone 5 network problem can happen due to any of the reasons, your SIM card might be faulty or your Carrier might be going through some sort of maintenance which is forbidding your phone to get the signals. Besides that, phone might have incurred some sort of damage due to which you are encountering different network problems.

In the following lines you will get to know different types of iPhone 5 network problems followed by all of their possible solutions.


  • No Network in iPhone 5.
  • Low Signals.
  • iPhone 5 only searching for network but not connecting.
  • Signal dropping in iPhone 5.

Reasons of Problems

  • Your service provider might be going through some sort of network maintenance.
  • Your SIM card might be faulty.
  • Your phone has encountered any kind of physical or water damage.
  • You might have left Airplane mode on.
  • Power Amplifier IC or any of the components might be faulty.


  • Restart your phone and check.
  • Remove and re-insert SIM.
  • Toggle between ON and OFF of Airplane Mode.
  • Go to other locations in order to verify whether you have signal problems in your home or not.
  • For “Only Searching for Network but not connecting”, Go into:
    • Settings.
    • General.
    • Reset.
    • Reset Network Settings.
    • Confirm.
  • Check with any working SIM card and check.
  • Update your iOS.


iPhone 5 antenna contacts and wire

antenna wire soldering point

antenna contacts soldering points

  • Re-solder antenna’s on-board connector (Re-solder two antenna’s points) and antenna wire. Soldering points are mentioned in Picture above.

power amp capacitors coil

  • Check continuity of capacitor “C1” with Antenna (Capacitor is at the opposite side of Antenna). If there is no continuity then place jumper, if it still fails then change capacitor C1.
  • Now Check Capacitor “C2” and Coil. If any of them is faulty, replace.
  • Reheat Power Amplifier IC and Check, if it is faulty then replace it.

Please make sure that you check network status of your phone after performing every step, and this is mainly because you don’t need to move forward to the next step if your problem is already resolved, else if you continue you might damage any other components of your phone, which will surely take more time and money in order to get resolved.



  • My 5s showing no signal and serching for network,WLAN is working good,also carier Manuel mode is working but i cant to choose it..plz help me.is it hw or sw issue?

    • It seems that the problem is with your phone Antenna, or the IC of your phone is faulty. Does anything happened (Fall or water damage) before this problem started to happen?

  • Hi , can you please upload any solution of iPhone 5 no voice on network calls ?? It works on Skype /viber e.t.c but no output input on any calls no sound at all sometime it does work when I restart it but then agin goes ? Is there any solution of it ??

    • If it works on skype and voice recording but not on network calls then it means that your MIC rubber cap might be displaced. Refix the mic rubber cap and check.

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