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How to Solve iPhone 5 Home Button Problems?

How to Solve iPhone 5 Home Button Problems?

One of the most important physical key that is found in your iPhone 5 is its Home Button. Home button can be said as one of the core button of iPhone, and this is mainly because it is the button that allows you to perform different functions including: Coming out of home screen from any number of apps, close all the running apps and for performing several other functions.

You surely cannot use your iPhone 5 with a problematic Home button, as it will not only trouble you in a variety of ways but will also irritate you to the masses.

In the following lines you will get to know about all the possible iPhone 5 Home button problems, reasons of those problems as well as their solutions:


  • IPhone 5 Home button not working.
  • Delay in response when Home button is pressed.
  • IPhone 5 Home button becomes stiff.

Reasons of Problems

  • One of the most common reasons for home button issue is that the phone might be water damaged, and this thing can happen even due to a single drop or a little bit of moisture.
  • Delay in response issue is normally due to the fact that your phone might be out of space or you might be running a number of heavy apps at the same time, hence the function to delay.
  • Dust or dirt particles can also stick under the home button, hence making it stiff or quite harder to press


  • For the solution of Home Button Stiffness problem: Keep on pressing home button and clean its surrounding areas in order to remove dust.
  • For Slow / delay in response: Restart your phone and check. If that doesn’t work for you then try emptying some space, as too much space consumption also slows down the process of this function.

Hardware Solution

iphone 5 home button

  • After removing iPhone 5 display, clean home button contacts and check.

iphone 5 coil contacts

  • Check the coil of home button, if it is damaged then you need to replace the entire Home button strip.

iphone 5 home button contact pins

  • Pull up home button on-board contacts in order to make sure that Home button contact pins come in proper touch with on-board contacts.

charging dock strip

  • Remove and Re-plug charging dock strip (home button on-board contacts are located on charging dock strip)

iphone 5 touch ic

  • Now finally reheat touch IC and check, if it fails then replace it.

Make sure that you check Home Button function after every step.



  • Finally figured it out. I accidently bent the gold pin on the left 180 degrees so it was pointing towards the battery. Bent it back and it is working fine now. Thanks!

  • My onboard home button contact pins look different. one is a lot longer than the other and they are both facing the same direction instead of towards each other in these pictures. They dont seem to be anywhere close to touching the 2 home button contacts on the screen side.
    iphone 5 verizon

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