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How to solve iPhone 5 Front Camera Problem?

How to solve iPhone 5 Front Camera Problem?

IPhone 5 front camera is surely pretty awesome, especially if you are planning to take a self picture or having a video conversation online. Front camera surely comes up with a whole lot of features for you to enjoy. However problems in iPhone 5’s front camera are also very common and it can stop responding or start to give you any of the problems due to any reason.


  • Phone’s screen goes black.
  • Phone hangs when camera starts.
  • Camera not taking picture
  • Camera not saving pictures.
  • Blurred Image.

Reasons of Problems

  • Any camera app might be the cause of the problem, as sometimes outdated apps interfere with the primary function of the phone’s camera.
  • Your phone software might be outdated, and a simple iOS update might be able to resolve your issue.
  • Sometimes Cache also starts giving you problems, so this could be one of the reasons of this problem too.
  • Any of the components or Front Camera itself might be faulty.
  • Blurred image could be due to dust on the front camera glass.


Following are some of the best workaround methods that are most of the times effective and will help you in resolving iPhone 5 Front Camera problems.

  • Restart your phone and check
  • Reset your phone and check.
  • For Camera not saving pictures: Update your software.
  • Uninstall any camera app after which your front camera is giving you problems.
  • For Blurred Image: You need to clean the front camera glass, as sometimes the only reason for blurred image from Front Camera is dust.

Hardware Solution

If you are unlucky to solve your front camera issues via workaround methods then I will recommend that you should go with the below mentioned hardware solutions, as this will surely help you to resolve all the front cam related problems and in best possible manner.

iphone 5 front camera

iphone 5 front camera strip

  • unplug and re-plug front camera strip (This strip also includes Speaker, LED indicator light and MIC)

iphone 5 front cam connector

  • Re-solder on-board connector front camera.
  • Check resistor, if faulty replace it.
  • If everything else fails then check with any other good working camera.

The above mentioned methods will surely help you in solving iPhone 5 front camera problems, hence allowing you to enjoy Self pictures as well as video calling and conferencing in the best possible manner and without any kind of trouble.



  • This actually answered my problem, thank you!

  • just for info…
    i already change 5 new flex front camera but still don’t work

  • i already check it and i compare with the good iphone, the result is same… no defferent with the good one…
    i already resolder the connector but the result still can’t open the front cam, all display is blur and hang…
    please help me….

    • As you have already done that, it appears to be a software glitch, as changing the entire front cam strip didn’t do any good for you. Remove any of the camera related apps and reset your phone or update your phone’s iOS, this appears to be the problem.

  • helo…
    can u tell me how we know the resistor is faulty?

    • Nathan you need to check it via multi meter, else there is no other way to find that.

      • already check with new iphone 5 and the result is no faulty and i try to change 5 flex front cam and the result still same… blur and hang…
        any solution bos?

  • Davey Groothedde

    Dear Blog.brokenlcds.com,

    After replacing my iPhone 5 lcd, is my front camera not working anymore. I really dont know what the problem is.

    And the resistor is still good. This problem i had before with the iPhone 4. Then i made a new jumper and then it was fixed.

    But now i have replaced my front camera and it is still not working.

    Can you help me out with this problem please?

    Greetings Davey.
    From Holland

    • Hi Davey, It seems that the problem is with your Front Cam on-board connector. I recommend you to unplug front cam strip, clean the on-board connector and refix and check this thing. If that doesn’t work then resolder on-board connector of Front Cam. Anyways can you tell me what sign or message your front camera gives you when accessed?

  • thanks for this iPhone 5 solution soaked I’ll try and let you know if it worked!



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