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How to Solve iPhone 5 Display Problems?

How to Solve iPhone 5 Display Problems?

Whenever anyone encounters display problem in their iPhone 5, they normally think that the problem is in their display screen, as they also know that Smartphone screens are fragile in nature. But not every time it is the LCD screen that is faulty, as there are other components that could be faulty too.

Following are some of the iPhone 5 display problems that you might encounter:


  • White Display
  • No Display
  • Lines on Display
  • Low Light on Display
  • No Backlight

Reasons of Problems

  • Phone might be water damaged.
  • Problem is caused due to dust or dirt.
  • Connection of LCD with display on-board connector has become loose.
  • Any of the components of display connector might be faulty.
  • Dry soldering of display connector pins.
  • Phone has encountered any kind of physical damage.


Manual Solution is basically only for low light and Backlight issue, and in order to resolve that all you have to do is to go into settings and check for brightness (Remove check on Automatic Brightness).

For Backlight, check backlight settings and timings.

Hardware Solution                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

iphone 5 display connector

Solution for White Display / No Display / Lines on Display

  • Plug and Unplug LCD Display connector and check.
  • Check with any other working LCD Screen in order to verify whether iPhone 5 LCD display is faulty or if there is hardware problem.
  • Now clean display connectors and check.
  • If it’s still not working then re-solder all the pins of display connector.
  • If the above step fails then gently heat all the components of display connector and check.
  • If everything else fails then change iPhone 5 display connector but this should be considered as the last resort.

Solution for Backlight and Low Light Problem


  • Now switch the board upside down in order to get access to Back light coil and IC.
  • Replace Back light Coil and Check.
  • If the above step doesn’t work then replace back light IC.

All of the above methods will surely help you to resolve your iPhone 5 screen problems. If it is not the problem with your display screen then you will be able to overcome this problem in a cost effective manner, however if the problem is with your display screen  then the procedure will be simple but costly, as the iPhone 5 Screens aren’t  that cheap.

P.S. Always make sure that you are buying Original iPhone display screens and not the OEM or 1st Copy. OEM and 1st Copy are surely cheap but most of the time their quality isn’t that good.



  • As far as display components go. what kind of little “blocks” are those right about the port with the 4 prongs on it?

  • Hi,
    A buddy of mine replaced my screen on my iPhone 5 today.
    It works fine. However there’s a light yellow cloudy band at the top & bottom. It’s about 5 mm wide. The one one the bottom is a little darker & increases in width to 1cm on the left side.
    Also. The whole screen occasionally becomes cloudy like fog. Looks almost like condensation but it’s not. I “massaged” the screen & got it to go away but it comes back.
    Any idea what might be causing this?
    Thanks, dumb carpenter. 🙂

    • Well the light yellow bands seems to be a problem in your screen. It normally happens when your phone screen is damaged. Was there any damage done to the screen while your friend was fixing that? And Foggy screen appears only, it means that your phone is too much exposed to moisture, as this happens when you take your phone while hot shower etc.

      One more thing, does that “light yellow band” came immediately after he replaced the screen or it came afterwards?

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