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How to Solve iPhone 5 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problem?

How to Solve iPhone 5 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problem?

One of the most annoying things that you will encounter with your iPhone 5 is the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problem. In most cases we are able to compromise on Bluetooth, however having a Wi-Fi problem in your phone is surely one huge issue, and this is mainly because of the fact that all of us likes to be connected on Wi-Fi whether we are in our homes, Offices, Airports or any place else. Internet is surely the need of every Smartphone user, and with a problematic Wi-Fi device, you will surely face a whole lot of troubles.

In the following lines you will get to know about different iPhone 5 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems and their solution:


Wi-Fi Problems

  • iPhone Wi-Fi not connecting.
  • Wi-Fi device not found.
  • Wi-Fi option disabled (Grayed Out)
  • Packets not transferring
  • Very slow connection.
  • Wi-Fi signal keeps on dropping.

Bluetooth Problems

  • iPhone device not pairing.
  • Failed in sending data.
  • Device not found.
  • Bluetooth disabled (Grayed Out)
  • Data transferring stops in between.

Reasons of Problems

For Wi-Fi

  • Phone might be water damaged.
  • Problem in router.
  • Problem in your phone’s Wi-Fi IC

For Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth cell might be out of charge.
  • Your own device is invisible.
  • Antenna wire or any of the components might be damaged.


For iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Problem

  • Toggle your Wi-Fi router ON / OFF and Check.
  • Toggle your phone’s Wi-Fi ON / OFF and Check.
  • Reset your phone and again toggle ON – OFF between Wi-Fi and Check.
  • Restart your router and check.
  • Upgrade your iOS, as sometimes the incompatibility issue also becomes the cause of problem, and in return Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IC heats up. (Only if Hardware solution fails in solving the problem)

For iPhone 5 Bluetooth Problem

  • Toggle Bluetooth ON – OFF.
  • If it is showing no device found, refresh your device search for at least two to three times.
  • Restart your phone and check.
  • Check whether your device is visible or not.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth’s cell is fully charged.

Hardware Solution for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problem

iphone 5 antenna wire

  • Re-solder Antenna Wire.

iphone 5 bluetooth and wifi ic and connector

  • Re-solder antenna’s on-board connector.
  • If antenna is open, short its terminals.
  • Check capacitor of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IC, if it is damaged then replace it. Your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi option appears to be disabled (Grayed Out), due to faulty capacitor.
  • If all the above method fails then gently heat Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IC, if it is still not working then replace it.


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