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Quick and Effective Solution of iPhone 5 Audio Jack Problem

Quick and Effective Solution of iPhone 5 Audio Jack Problem

Listening to music and attending calls is surely much easier with the help of headphones, and this is because your hands are absolutely free and you can perform several other tasks with your both hands while enjoying music or making calls at the same time. However this thing is not possible if you are encountering Audio Jack problems in your phone.

Normally iPhone 5 audio jack becomes faulty mainly due to dust and dirt that enter in the opening of audio jack from time to time, but this problem also happens because of moisture or water’s contact with the phone’s audio jack, hence allowing it to give you problems or becoming totally useless. Therefore if your Audio Jack is out of order, it is really very important for you to get it fixed if you want to enjoy music or want to facilitate with all the other benefits offered by your phone’s audio jack.

In the following lines you will get to know all the possible iPhone 5 Audio Jack problems, reasons of problems and there solutions:


  • Low Sound in iPhone 5 audio jack.
  • No sound in audio jack.
  • Distorted Sound.
  • Unbalanced volume in each headphone.

Reasons of Problems

  • Dust or dust in Audio jack hole.
  • Audio Jack might be water damaged due to contact with water or moisture.
  • Any, few or all four audio jack components might be faulty.


  • Check Volume level of your phone.
  • Check with any other good and working headphones.
  • Go with Software Upgrade.

Hardware Solution

iphone 5 audio jack

  • Separate Audio jack strip (this Strip also includes MIC, Charging Connectors, Home Button, Contacts and Buzzer) from main iPhone 5 board.
  • Unplug and re-plug Audio Jack Strip
  • Change the entire strip and check.
  • Re-solder Audio Jack on-board connector.

iphone 5 audio ic controller

  • Check all 4 audio jack components, if faulty replace them.
  • Now gently head audio controller IC and Check, if it fails then replace it.

All of the above mentioned steps will surely help you to overcome your iPhone audio Jack problem, so that you can again enjoy all the benefits that come with it. If you are lucky enough then the problem will be in your headphone rather than your Audio Jack, this will surely save a whole lot of your time as well as energy.


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