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iPhone 4s Touch Screen Problem and Solution

iPhone 4s Touch Screen Problem and Solution

Extensive features and Touch screen is something that makes smart phones distinctive from other normal phones. Without these two features, a Smartphone cannot be said as a smart phone. All most all the Smart phones possess touch screen feature, and are distinguished from each other largely via that. If the touch screen of a Smartphone stops responding then that particular phone is absolutely worthless, as you won’t be able to do anything except increasing or decreasing volume of your phone and turning it On or Off.

Most people, who use iPhone 4s roughly, encounter iPhone 4S touch screen problem, here are few of the touch screen problems that you might encounter in your iPhone 4S.


  • No response from touch screen.
  • Slow response.
  • Sometimes it gives response sometimes it doesn’t.
  • Touch screen malfunctions during use.


Disassemble iPhone 4S

4S touch Screen connector

When it comes to resolving iPhone 4s touch screen issue, the very first thing that you need to do is to disassemble your iPhone and remove all the connectors / strips from its main motherboard.

Disconnecting and connecting Touch screen connector Strip

disconnecting and connecting touch screen strip

Remove touch screen connector strip from iPhone 4S’s on-board touch screen connector, re-plug it and check. If touch screen of your phone is still giving you problems then:

  • Disconnect it again
  • Clean it with a cleaning solution (Alcohol Solution)
  • Reconnect touch screen connector and check.

cleaning touch screen connector 4s

Heating the connector

Gently heat the connector with the help of a heat gun or hair dryer and recheck. If it’s still not working then check it with any other good LCD screen, as it is the screen problem not the connector’s problem. However if the new LCD screen is giving you the same problems then:

Heating the Touch IC

If all of the above doesn’t work then it means there is a problem with your iPhone 4s’s Touch screen IC. Now gently heat the touch IC. If it fail’s then:

Replace Touch Screen IC

 iPhone 4s touch screen IC removal

This should be considered as the last resort! In order to replace the touch screen IC, open the steel jacket and replace the IC. This is surely going to solve your iPhone 4s touch screen problem.

P.S. If the problem is with your LCD Screen not the Touch IC then make sure that you replace it with an original LCD screen instead of going with an OEM or 1st copy, as normally the screens that are manufactured by OEM gives the touch screen problem in your phone.


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