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iPhone 4S Specs and Review

iPhone 4S Specs and Review

iPhone 4S Specs and Review

IPhone 4S was launched on October 2011, and is known to be another successful iPhone offered by Apple Inc. Just like its predecessors its sales also sky rocketed, as 4 Million units alone were sold in the first three days! IPhone 4S is still known as an ideal choice, and this is mainly because of its style, design and features offered by this phone. It is a known fact that iPhone as well as other Apple products always have a higher resale value, hence allowing you to sell it out easily and at good cash without any trouble. Till date used iPhone 4S is sold at a higher price.

One of the most interesting things found in iPhone 4S is its SIRI. SIRI is an intelligent personal assistant that came exclusively with iPhone 4S, and with later generations of iPhone. Siri surely played a major role in the success of iPhone 4S, as it helped this phone to earn a good number of positive reviews.

Let’s have a look at iPhone 4S’s specs:



It came with a standard 3.5 inches of LED-backlit IPS LCD with Corning Gorilla Glass and Oleo phobic screen protection.

Internal Memory

It comes with standard 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of internal storage space, and does not offer any external storage option.


  • Primary Camera – 8 MP with Auto-Focus and LED Flash.
  • Secondary Camera – VGA front camera with 480P video recording.
  • Video – 1080P video recording with video stabilization.


It comes with a 1GHz Dual Core processor with 512MB RAM.


It is equipped with a standard 1432 mAh Li-Po battery which goes perfect with this phone, hence allowing you to get maximum time.

Pros and Cons of iPhone 4S


  • Option to Choose between Black and White Color.
  • 8MP camera offers you an excellent result.
  • Allows you to choose between the internal storage spaces of 8GB, 16GB, 32Gb and 64GB.
  • Is equipped with the Intelligent Personal Assistant Siri.


  • Does not offers you to add external storage space
  • Expensive.
  • Only comes with a 512MB RAM.


One of the things that made iPhone 4S truly exceptional as compared to its predecessor was the inclusion of Siri, an intelligent personal assistant that makes your iPhone usage even easier and more fun! It offers you a wide variety of options to go with.

iPhone 4S is surely an exceptional, stylish and easy to carry handset that offers you everything that you have been looking for. Even after the launch of iPhone 5, 5C and 5S, iPhone 4S is still in a high demand, especially among those people who didn’t liked the additional size in iPhone 5, 5C and 5S. If you are planning to buy an iPhone 4S then it is surely the best choice to go with, as still a good number of people prefer to go with 4S instead over newer models.

This phone offers a good battery time; however it is not jam packed with the features like other Smart phones, but still they are enough to attract anyone. This phone has major positive reviews and people loved it to the masses. You can go with this phone without a second thought.


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