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Step by Step Method to Fix iPhone 4S Rear Camera Problems

Step by Step Method to Fix iPhone 4S Rear Camera Problems

One of the things that make iPhone 4S distinctive from other Smartphone is its rear camera, but what will happen if its rear camera stops working or responding? It would surely be a huge loss for anyone, as one of the best features of iPhone is not working anymore. Besides everything else, this thing might also affect the other functions of iPhone too.


First let’s have a look at all the possible iPhone 4S rear camera problem that you might encounter:

  • Screen goes Black.
  • Hanging Problem.
  • IPhone camera shutter not opening.
  • Camera is not taking pictures after you press camera button on screen.
    • This is touch screen problem, and it has nothing to do with iPhone 4S rear camera.

In the following lines you will get to know the method to fix iPhone 4S rear camera. Both Manual as well as hardware methods are mentioned in detail and in step by step manner.

Reasons of Problems

  • Rear Camera might be water damaged.
  • Rear camera connector and on-board connector might have a loose contact.
  • Any third party application might be interfering in the function or might be causing the problem.
  • Camera might be physically damaged.
  • Camera IC might be faulty.


  • Reset your iPhone 4S and check.
  • Uninstall any camera application that you installed recently, as it might have caused this problem. Uninstall and recheck.
  • Upgrade your iOS (Warning: Only if Hardware Method fails in correcting the camera problem).

Tools Required

  • Star Screw Driver and Separation tool.
  • Blow dryer.
  • Heat gun.
  • Copper wire (in case you need to introduce jumper in the circuit).

Hardware Method

After opening iPhone 4s back cover, remove the battery and:

  • Connect and Disconnect Camera. (As Camera also goes Black due to lose connection) Check after reconnecting.

4s rear camera problem

  • Clean rear camera connector and onboard camera connector and check.
  • If the above method doesn’t work then reheat all the connectors and components on board of rear camera.
  • Connect any other Good camera in order to verify the problem, whether it is with your camera or connector.

4s black ic

  • Remove and fix rear camera connector IC (Black in color), if it doesn’t work then replace it. If you don’t have any other rear camera connector IC with you then you can also just short the two on board terminals with the help of a jumper wire, it will work just fine. Make sure you don’t short the ground terminals.



  • Hi, on the rear camera itself, at the very top right part of the camera above the flash, there’s two metal bits, I accidentally touched that with a metal screw driver and caused the flash to light up for a second, and the camera wouldn’t work after that, could I have fried the camera or something?

  • Can you please guide me how can I do iPhone setup of fixing camera back after i repeat the entire procedure?

    • Ronald you simply need to put your Rear Camera back in the similar way you removed it, as instructed above. Just place it back in its position and plug the strip, that’s all what you have to do.

  • Hello

    Can you send met some picutures of how this jumper should look like after you did all these things you described. I don’t have a heat blower, is there an alternative?


    • Hi! Sorry GT i don’t have any picture indicating that, and it’s just a jumper wire. that is connecting two points. You can do that in any way you like. Well There is a heat gun alternative of that or you can also try using Hair dryer, that might work as an alternative for you as well, but I am not sure. (Still no harm in trying)

  • how can i remove the broken ic without damaging the board? and also, what to do to safely short the needed circuits in order for it to work again
    thank you

    • Basically this black colored IC is glued to the circuit board, and in order to remove that glue, you need to gently heat that black colored IC with the help of a heat blower (DO NOT USE HAIR DRYER). After that, remove that had dried glue with the help of a pin. Now apply Flux paste (a drop) on the top of the IC and again apply heat for few seconds, now remove the IC with the help of tweezer.
      In order to short the circuit, use a jumper (Copper Wire).

  • Hi
    When you say “Make sure you don’t short the ground terminals.”

    What are those ground terminals?

    I don’t have a new ic connector
    So if I understand correctly, you suggest that I’ll remove the ic and short what’s benith it

    Can you show me what exactly to short?

    Thank you

    • In case you don’t have a new IC you can simply short the terminals. When you will remove that black colored IC you can see total 4 terminals beneath it. Front of them are terminals while the back ones are ground. Simple Short the front terminal and your IC will be good to go!

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