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Troubleshooting iPhone 4s MIC and Speaker Problems

Troubleshooting iPhone 4s MIC and Speaker Problems

If your iPhone 4S MIC and Speaker are giving you problems than you have no option other than going with its Workaround or Hardware Solution. But Hardware solution should only be adopted when workaround method fails in resolving your problem.


In workaround method, all you have to do is to:

  • Record your voice through sound recorder in order to verify whether it is working or not (Low Sound or No Sound at all)
  • Check volume level of your iPhone 4s.
  • Clean MIC hole and speaker holes with the help of a pin, this will remove dust from the holes and will allow you to hear the sound properly.

If you are still not able to get this thing fixed, than all you have to do is to go with its:

Hardware Solution

Full iPhone 4S Circuit

Hardware Solution for iPhone 4S MIC and Speaker problem includes:

IPhone 4S Primary MIC and Speaker Problem

iPhone 4s Mic metal Sheet

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to clean metal sheet covering of Mic.

iPhone 4S Mic rubber

  • Verify whether Primary MIC rubber cap is in proper position or not, if not then then fix it, in case it is out of order or slashed replace it.

iPhone 4s Charging Dock, Mic and Flux Cable

iPhone 4s Flux Cable

  • If the above method doesn’t solves the problem then Change Flux Cable. Flux Cable is the main cable for Charging Dock and Primary Mic.

iPhone Flux Cable and secondary Mic connector

  • If it doesn’t works then Re-solder “First” and “Third” Connector Pin of Flux Cable connector.

iPhone 4s Audio Codec

  • If it is still not working then gently heat “Audio Codec” IC. Replace it if it is still not working.

IPhone 4S Secondary MIC Problem

iPhone 4s Secondary MIC Connector

  • Check 2nd and 3rd pin of Secondary MIC connector and re-solder it using Soldering Hand. Secondary MIC connector is also the connector for Audio Jack and Volume button. (Strip is also same for all three components)

Secondary Mic Speaker AJ and Volume Strip

  • If the above method doesn’t work then change the entire strip / Cable, as there can’t be any other solution than this.

MIC and Speaker Controller IC

  • Gently Heat MIC and Speaker controller IC or Change it, this is surely going to solve your problem.

IPhone 4S MIC and Speaker problem can arise due to any of the reasons, however the most common reasons for this problem is dust and water. However before you go with hardware solution make sure that you check your phone’s entire motherboard for any traces of water damage, and if you find them then clean it properly and check whether it was able to resolve your problem or not.


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