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How to Solve iPhone 4S Front Camera Problems?

How to Solve iPhone 4S Front Camera Problems?

We all know how important iPhone 4S front camera is, especially when it comes to taking perfect self shots and to do video calls via Yahoo or Skype. Normally it happens that iPhone 4s front camera stops responding or malfunctions, and this could be due to anything.

Following are some of the most common iPhone 4S Front camera problems that you might encounter:


  • iPhone 4s Screen goes black.
  • Phone hangs whenever you start front camera.
  • Shutter doesn’t open
  • Camera not taking pictures, while you press your screen for pictures.

If camera is not taking pictures when you touch the screen of iPhone, then it is clearly the problem of iPhone 4s touch screen, and has nothing to do with phone’s front camera. You need to fix your iPhone 4s touch screen in order to overcome this problem.

Reasons of Problems

  • Phone might be water damaged.
  • Lose connection.
  • Problem can also be caused by third party apps.
  • Any of the components might be damaged or faulty.

Here is the workaround for front camera problem of iPhone 4S:


  • Reset your iPhone 4s
  • Uninstall any camera app after which your iPhone 4s front camera has started giving you problems. After you are done with that, please check.

If the above steps don’t work for you, then all you have to do is to go with:

Hardware Solution 

iPhone 4s front camera strip

  • Remove back cover of your iPhone 4s and check Front Camera Strip (Flux Cable). Make sure that it doesn’t have any loose connection with the board else this thing might cause any of the above mentioned front camera problems.

iPhone 4s Front Camera connector

  • After that check iPhone 4s front camera on board connector for any damage. If it is water damage then clean on board connector as well as iPhone 4s front camera strip connector and check. If they are damaged, change them.

iPhone 4s Front Camera Circuit

  • Check Coil and gently heat it. Replace if necessary. Also check all the capacitors and replace all the faulty ones.
  • If all the above mentioned steps are not able to solve your problem then you need to change the entire front camera’s assembly strip.
  • If all the above doesn’t work for you, then there must be a software problem. Upgrade your iPhone 4s iOS in order to overcome this issue. However the above mentioned solutions are enough in order to resolve this issue. A whole lot of repairers prefer to go with iOS update before they plan to go into the hardware of your phone, therefore it is highly recommended that you should backup your entire data before going with this step.


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