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Fixing iPhone 4s Audio Jack Problems

Fixing iPhone 4s Audio Jack Problems

Having iPhone 4s audio jack problem is quite a common these days, and it can happen due to any of the reasons. It might be because your headphone jack has encountered any kind of physical or water damage or dust particles have entered in your phone’s audio jack. In the following lines you will get to know about the problems as well as its solutions:


  • Low Sound
  • No Sound
  • Disruptive Sound (Sound not clear)
  • Sound only in one earphone.
  • Unbalanced sound in your ear phones.

Reasons of Problems

  • Phone might be water damaged.
  • Dust particles have encountered into audio jack of your phone.
  • Ear phones might be faulty (means the problem is not with your audio jack).
  • Strip connector might be faulty.
  • On-board connector of Audio jack might be dry soldered.
  • Audio Codec IC might be faulty (less likely to happen).


If you are lucky enough than the below mentioned workaround methods will allow you to solve your audio jack problem

  • Check Sound setting for Mute, if it is then un-check it. If not then increase the volume level
  • Check with any other working earphone.
  • Restart your Phone.

If all of the above fails, then all you have to do go with its:

Hardware Solution

iPhone 4s back cover removal

  • Open back cover and remove battery.

 4s On board and strip connector

  • Check strip Connector and on board connector of Audio Jack (Similar strip for  Audio Jack, Volume and Lock Button)
  • Check for any traces of water damage or moisture, as this is also the cause of this problem. Clean both connectors with the help of a cotton cloth and apply blow dryer.
  • If cleaning doesn’t make any difference then re-solder On-Board connector pins.
  • If the above step doesn’t work for you then change the entire strip assembly.
  • Reheat the Surrounding components of On-Board connector, as this will help you to remove any traces of water damage.

4s Audio Codec heat

  • If all the above fails then reheat Audio Codec, replace if necessary.

The above mentioned steps will surely be able to solve all of your Audio jack related issues. The best thing about this is that the procedure is not that lengthy, and if you have all the right tools and you know a little bit about soldering electronics then you can surely do that on your own without the need of visiting any repairer, hence saving good cash that you would be sending out to the repairer.


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