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How to Solve iPhone 4 Power Off Problems?

How to Solve iPhone 4 Power Off Problems?

Power off problem in smart phones is known to be one of the most common issues that people face, and it normally occurs when their smart phones encounters water or extremely damp surface. Besides that, if you have an iPhone 4 along your side than the issue might also be of faulty battery connector or both.


  • Phone is not powering ON.
  • Powers Off randomly and at any point.
  • Phone turns OFF when you access any specific application.
  • Phone only powers ON when it is connected with charger.

 Reasons of Problems

  • Phone might be water damaged.
  • Battery Connector might be Faulty
  • Capacitors might be faulty.
  • Any of the phone app might be corrupt.

In order to overcome the above mentioned iPhone 4 power off problems, all you have to do is to follow the following steps.


Overcoming “Phone Turns OFF when App is accessed” Problem

This thing happens due to a corrupt app installed in your phone. Simply update or remove the application in order to solve this issue. However it is recommended that you should uninstall the application.

Overcoming iPhone 4 Water Damage

Check for any water damage or dampness at:

  • Battery contacts.
  • Other parts of your iPhone.

If it is, then clean and dry it well. This thing is surely going to solve your problem if you are having iPhone 4 power off problem due to water damage

Overcoming iPhone 4 Faulty Battery Connector Problem

Resolving iPhone 4 faulty battery connector issue

In order to overcome iPhone 4 faulty battery connector problem, all you have to do is to follow the following steps:

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your iPhone battery is fully charged.
  • Now after that, trace your battery’s connector path.
  • While tracing, remove and replace all the bad caps and resistors that comes in that path.
  • There is also a possibility that On/Off strip of your iPhone is faulty. In case it is, remove it.
  • Check for bad caps around Power IC, if they are then remove and replace them OR you can either choose to go with replacing/reballing the entire power IC.

iPhone 4 “On” Only When Plugged With Charger – Solution

Sometimes it happens that your iPhone 4 only turns on when it is connected with a charger. In order to resolve this issue, all you have to do is to replace the capacitor highlighted in the following iPhone 4 Circuit board Image.

replacing iPhone 4 capacitor from circuit board


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