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Solving iPhone 4 Front Camera and Flashlight Problem

Solving iPhone 4 Front Camera and Flashlight Problem

One of the most common complaints that people do make about their iPhone is its front camera and Flashlight, and this is because iPhone 4’s front camera as well as Flash light is quite sensitive and minor mishandling can cause a good amount of damage.

In the following lines you will get to know the method to resolve iPhone 4 front camera and Flashlight problem:

iPhone 4 front camera Problem


  • Screen goes black when front camera is accessed.
  • Flashlight not working.
  • Flashlight does not Power OFF even when it is marked as OFF.

If nothing happens and screen goes black after you have opened your iPhone 4 Front camera, then you can go with these two possible solutions:

  • Workaround / Manual solution.
  • Hardware Solution.


If it is just a minor glitch then this workaround method will surely get the job done right for you. All you have to do is to:

  • Restart your iPhone 4 front camera application.
  • Again Select and start iPhone 4 front camera.
  • Restart your phone and check.

If this doesn’t resolve the problem, then you need to move towards its:

Hardware Solution

iPhone 4 front camera problem solution

  • Check all the connections.
  • After that verify whether Capacitors are faulty or not (as mentioned in above figure).
  • Change the faulty capacitors.
  • Now make jumper to the marked pin of the front camera.
  • Now plug your front camera and power on your iPhone and check.
  • Restart front camera and verify whether it is working or not.

This will surely help you to resolve your iPhone 4 front camera, if it still doesn’t work then you need to change your front camera.

Resolving iPhone 4 Flash Camera Problem

iPhone 4 Flash Light Problem

If your iPhone 4 Flash is still on even after it is set as “Off” than all you have to do is to follow the following steps:

  • You can see a Coil marked in above figure, it might be damaged. So all you have to do is to replace this coil it will surely solve your problem, as that’s the only reason why you encounter Flash light ON even after it is set as OFF.
  • Now go into option and Turn Flashlight to “On”. Now Verify.
  • In case your Flashlight is not working at all, than all you have to do is to replace Flashlight IC.

 The above mentioned steps are going to resolve both of your iPhone 4 front camera and flashlight problem.


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