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iPhone 4 Charging Problem – Getting Over it in an Easy Way

iPhone 4 Charging Problem – Getting Over it in an Easy Way

One of the biggest indications that your iPhone 4 is going through charging problems is that it does not give any response or it gives a “Not Charging” notification when the charger is connected to its charging terminal. This is surely a very serious issue, as your iPhone 4 won’t last even a single day without charging.

Following are the different iPhone 4 Charging problems and their solution:

iPhone 4 “No response while charging” issue

When you encounter iPhone 4 charging problem in which it does not give any response when the charger is connected, then it could be due to any of the following reasons:

  • Charging Connector is water damaged
  • Dry solder of connector pin
  • Pins doesn’t make contact with board
  • Faulty components.


  • Change your charger and check
  • Clean the pins of your charger and check.
  • Change battery of your phone and check.

P.S. Always use iPhone’s original battery and charger.


Charging dock iPhone 4 charging problem

In order to resolve this issue, all you have to do is to:

  • Clean Charging dock
  • Connect Charger and check voltage at charging pin (it should be 5v).
  • If the voltage is not shown at multi meter then it means that your charging pin is dry solder or it might have any other problem.
  • Now again solder the charging pin and put the battery back in to verify whether it is working now or not.
  • If the condition of charging connector is unusable then change charging dock.


 Charging circuit iPhone 4

iPhone 4 “not charging” Issue

If you encounter “Not Charging” notification when you plug the charger in your iPhone then most probably it is due to the faulty charging dock. Charging dock becomes faulty due to any of the reasons:

  • It is water damaged
  • Charging pin is damaged (clean the charging dock pins or change the charging dock).


  • Same as of iPhone 4 “No response while charging” issue.


If there is no problem with the charging dock, then the very first thing that you need to have along your side is the Apple Inc’s original battery and charger (Lithium polymer battery, 3.7v, 5.25Whr, 1420mAh). After getting that, then all you have to do is to follow the following steps:

  • Verify with the help of multi meter whether the voltage at diode is 5v or not.
  • Now check the capacitor which is near the charging IC.
  • Reheat the IC or you can also change it if needed. You can also choose to go with changing the bottom strip, as it will also solve the problem.



  • Hi there, ive had an iphone 4s for a while and have no problems however last week my phone just wouldnt accept a charge, i bought a new lead and that didnt work either, now my phone is completely dead and wont turn on or anything. what can i do? Please help me!

    • Hi Mary. As it is completely out now, so you can’t do much on your own. The problem seems to be with charging connector of your phone, though i would recommend that you check your device with Apple original cable. As you have already did, try to charge some other phone with that cable, as if the cable is not original, phone doesn’t accept it. or charge it with some iPhone 4S cable from which your friend is already charging his phone from.

      If that doesn’t work then you need to get the charging connector fixed, as it might be moisture or water damaged. Or by any chance did your phone fell on the ground?

  • Hi there, ive had an iphone 4s for a while and have ahd no problems however yesterday my phone just wouldnt accept a charge, i bought a new lead and that didnt work either, now my phone is completely dead and wont turn on or anything. what can i do?

    • Well did it encountered any kind of moisture or water lately? As this thing happens when your charging connector is water damaged. Besides that also observe that whether your charging pin is damaged or not, as if the charging pin is damaged then you need to replace it. Anyways when you connect the charger did it show any symbol or does it stay there dead with nothing on screen?

  • aleksandra

    hi i have iphone 4s,it is two years old.one day my phone stop charging.i thought it is the charger so went and bought a new charger.came home plug it an left it to charge .about an hour after my phone only managed to charge 4%.so the next day i got a new battery exchange the battery and still the same issue.then i got the charging port doc and that was changed plug it to the charger and still the same problem.after about 30 min it is showing 3% battery.i have reset the phone to factory settings after changing the battery.can you please help me .many thanks aleksandra

    • Aleksandra When you connect your charger, does the charging sign that is showed is normal or do you see something else instead? Other than that I would like you to verify battery connector pins that either they are damaged or not in anyway. From here you need to have a multi-meter along your side, as you need to trace out the track to know which components are faulty, and you need to replace all of them.

  • Rob Rudrow

    I have an iPhone 4 that was very briefly exposed to water and now will not except a charge. I have checked everything else even to the extent of swapping batteries with a known working iPhone battery. Everything works fine when swapped and the phone exposed to water works fine as well. When plugged in it acts like it’s charging, but it doesn’t charge. The charge indicator comes on however the battery never gets stronger. What would you suggest?

    • Rob it is a clear case that your iPhone 4’s Charging connector is water damaged. Take it to a repair shop, first ask him to clean the connectors, as sometimes cleaning the charging connector does the job right. If that doesn’t work then you have no other option than replacing it.

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