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How to Resolve iPhone 4 Audio Problems?

How to Resolve iPhone 4 Audio Problems?

Following are all the possible iPhone 4 audio problems that your phone may encounter:

  • iPhone 4 Buzzer problem
  • iPhone 4 Audio Jack problem
  • iPhone 4 MIC Problem
  • iPhone 4 speaker problem

In the following lines you will get to know the method to resolve all the above mentioned iPhone 4 audio problems:

Let’s begin with solving,

iPhone 4 Buzzer Problem

  • No ringing.
  • Low ringing.
  • Sometimes it rings sometimes it does not.

Solution of iPhone 4 Buzzer Problem

iPhone 4 Audio Problem

  • Check settings
  • Check all the connections (mentioned in above figure)
  • Check the capacitors that are marked in red circle, if they are faulty or damaged change them.
  • Apply small amount of heat over ringer IC, you can also chose to replace it.
  • If the above doesn’t work then change the ringer. 

iPhone 4 Audio Jack problem

Following are the two common problems that are found in iPhone 4 audio jack:

  • Sound is Mute
  • Only single speaker is working

The most common reason for this problem is that the headphone pin is not able to make contact with audio jack.

Solution of iPhone 4 Audio jack Problem

In order to overcome this problem, all you have to do is to:

  • Check headset volume, and then increase it to your desired level.
  • Try any other good headset, as the pin of the headset might also be faulty
  • I f that doesn’t work then change the headphone jack (headphone jack comes with a strip)

iPhone 4 MIC Problem

There are two MIC’s in iPhone 4:

  • Primary MIC (at the charging dock)
  • Secondary MIC (top of the front camera)

The problem with your iPhone 4 MIC could either be:

  • MIC mutes while calling
  • Low Sound

Solution of iPhone 4 MIC Problem

  • Check noise filter cap which covers the MIC, as if the rubber is damaged or if there is any air gap this could be the reason for that. Change the rubber in this case
  • Check MIC hole for any dust, as most of the time dust covers the whole which reduces the volume of sound.
  • You can choose to clean the hole with the help of the needle, but make sure that you do not damage the MIC.
  • Use the sound recorder of your iPhone to check your MIC.

If all the above doesn’t work then,

  • Check board connector
  • Clean connectors
  • Check the following Mentioned MIC terminals (shown in figure)

iPhone 4 Mic and Speaker Chip

iPhone 4 Mic Chip

  • Re solder TER
  • Replace IC if it is faulty

iPhone 4 Speaker Problem

Following are some of the iPhone 4 speaker problems:

  • Noise in the Speaker (it might be due to the dust that has been covering speaker’s diaphragm)
  • No Sound at all
  • Low Sound

Solution of iPhone 4 Speaker Problem

In order to resolve Noise in the speaker issue, all you have to do is to open phone top/display and clean the hole where speaker is placed, if there is too much dust then it is better to replace it rather than cleaning it.

If there is no sound at all while calling then all you have to do is to:

  • Restart your iPhone, as it might give you a momentary solution
  • Check volume level in settings

In case of Low sound:

  • Check speakers of your iPhone, as they might be faulty
  • Simply change your speakers and check
  • If that doesn’t work then reheat the IC (this IC also control the MIC)


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