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IPhone 2G Specs and Review

IPhone 2G Specs and Review

Apple Inc / Steve Jobs changed the entire world with their iPhone 2G, which was known to be the very first iPhone launched by the company, sometimes it is also regarded as the original iPhone. This phone didn’t come out as a surprise, and this is because the reports regarding a touch screen cellular phone were roaming in the industry for over the years.

iPhone 2G Review

IPhone was launched in June 2007 and came up with the slogan of “This is only the Beginning”, and guess what? Apple Inc was absolutely right, as with every generation of iPhone, the popularity of this phone rises as well as its sales in all over the world. Apple Inc. was able to sell 6.1 Million iPhone 2G units.



IPhone 2G was equipped with a 3.5 inches TFT Capacitive touch screen.

Internal Memory

This phone came up in 4, 8 and 16GB of internal storage space, and does not give you the option to add any external storage.


  • Primary Camera – 2 Mega Pixels Camera.
  • Secondary Camera – N/A.
  • Video – N/A


It is equipped with a 412MHz ARM 11 Processor with 128MB of RAM.


It came with a 1400 mAh Li – Ion battery which offers you average battery time.

Pros and Cons of iPhone 2G


  • The best Smartphone of its time.
  • Perfect for Vintage collection or for your own personal collection.


  • Outdated.
  • Apple Inc. has marked this phone as obsolete.
  • Spare parts, service and support is not available anymore.

Review of iPhone 2G

Now iPhone 2G has become obsolete, as it does not receive any updates from Apple. This has now become the part of Apple Inc’s vintage collection. If you still have this phone and you are using it then you need to know that now Apple does not offers any of its replacement parts or service so you have to be really very careful when it comes to the usage of this phone.

IPhone 2G which is also known as the “Original iPhone” can surely become the part of your collection as well, and you might want to sell it out to the collectors, they are surely going to offer you best price. If you compare specs of iPhone 2G with the current smart phones then you will surely be disappointed in every way, but at the time of iPhone 2G it was regarded as the most powerful Smartphone of this age, and nobody at that time was able to compete with this phone.


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