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Apple Released iOS 7.1.1 Update

Apple Released iOS 7.1.1 Update

Finally Apple has released another iOS update for iPhone and iPad, which is known as iOS 7.1.1. IOS 7 is known to be the biggest update in Apple’s history, as this update changed the entire interface of the iPhone.

iOS 7.1.1 update

The all new iOS 7.1.1 update’s main purpose is to offer performance improvements, bug fixes of previous update and a few security updates that will tighten the security of your iPhone and iPad even more.

Apple has also claimed that there security update will allow the user to witness significant improvement in their Touch ID recognition, previously iPhone 5S was giving few problems in identifying the users especially when it comes to iTunes, but now they surely won’t witness any such problem. Besides that, it will also help their phone to become slightly faster too!

Besides that, the bug fix update will resolve all the issues that used to arise while using Bluetooth keyboard, especially when Voice Over option was enabled. Now the users won’t witness any of such problems, however it is really not sure that this update will give an absolute relief from all the problems, and there are slight chances that it might cause some new minor errors in your phone which you might notice while using your phone after new iOS update. Other than that, now Safari browser will also be able to support all new top level domains including “Photo and. Camera”

iOS 7 was surely totally different but it came up with a good number of errors, especially phone crash issue in both iPhone and iPad which some people referred to as “Blue Screen of Death”. The blue screen of death or system crash was commonly occurring when people were doing multi tasking or browsing internet via safari browser, however all of these updates were resolved by iOS 7.1 update which was launched in March.

Other than just crash issues, iOS 7.1 update also brought a significant improvement in Siri and Touch ID functions, hence allowing people to make the most out of this update in the best possible manner. Besides that, it also set up the foundation for Car Play app in supported vehicles. Most of the issues were resolved after this update but not all!

It is highly expected that what iOS 7.1 update left behind will be solved by this new iOS 7.1.1 update, hence allowing people to coming out of different issues in the best possible manner. So in order to make the most out of this update, the next thing that you should be doing is to get your iPhone or iPad updated at the earliest.


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