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Instagram and Vine App Soon to be Launched on Windows 8 Phone

Instagram and Vine App Soon to be Launched on Windows 8 Phone

instagram and vine for Windows 8 phone

Finally Microsoft confirms that they are going to add up Instagram and Vine app for Windows 8 Phone. No specific time period has been given for Vine, but Instagram is going to be in Windows App store in coming weeks.

This is surely a great sign of relief for Microsoft, as just around a month back, Microsoft seemed to be quite worried about the fact that it was not able to seduce more app developers towards their Windows Phone 8, which surely served in repelling a good number of customers from Window’s Phones.

Now as the Instagram, Vine and WhatsApp has been added to the list of Windows Phone Operating System, now they won’t have much trouble in enticing the crowd towards their phones, as these days high-end features are not all that matters, as it is the supported apps that helps a phone operating system to rise or fall.

Initially Instagram was only available on iOS, but its untimely success forced this app to be launched on Android as well, and now finally it is coming to Windows Phone 8 which is surely pretty exciting for Microsoft, as the company expects an increase in sales after the launch of this App.

Besides just being one of the best online photo editor and sharer, Instagram now also allows you to share short videos (15 Seconds) on social networks.

So within just a few weeks you are going to witness Instagram app on your Windows 8 Phone followed by Vine app within a month or two.


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