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How to Increase Samsung Galaxy S4 Internal Storage Space?

How to Increase Samsung Galaxy S4 Internal Storage Space?

If you possess a Samsung Galaxy S4 with 16GB storage space, then I am sure that you are facing a whole lot of troubles when it comes to storing data especially applications, videos, Songs etc. But fear not, there is a solution for everything!

In the following lines you will get to know the method to increase Samsung Galaxy S4 internal storage space in a simple and effective manner.

Step 1 – Disable all the unwanted apps

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to disable unwanted apps in your S4:

  • Go into settings section.
  • Select “More Tab” option
  • From there to “Application manager” and then select “All Tab”
  • Find all the applications you want to disable, Press Disable Button.

But make sure that you don’t disable the native functions and features during this disabling process, else it is surely going to cost you big time.

Step 2 – Move your Apps into SD Card

Samsung has came up with an update that even allows you to move your applications in your SD card, hence allowing you to make the most out of it, and this is one the reasons why most people are going with S4 with 16GB storage space, as they find enough space for their applications as well as for the Apps with the help of the SD card


Moving Apps from Samsung Galaxy S4 in SD card

moving S4 apps

In order to transfer Galaxy S4 apps, all you have to do is to:

  • Go to settings
  • Locate More Tab and go into Application Manager, you will find all the apps there.
  • Now just swipe to the right, it will show the applications that are running on the SD card.
  • Note that only the application space will be moved to the SD card, not the complete app.
  • Now click on your desired app you want to migrate, you will be moved into the details of that particular app.
  • After you are in the details of that application press “Move to SD card” button.
  • Now you will see the data / application transferring into your SD card from internal memory.
  • Check your storage space in order to verify the migration.

This will surely save the remaining internal storage of your S4, hence allowing you to use 64GB of Space of your SD card instead of going with the internal storage of your phone. In short you don’t need to buy an S4 with higher storage configuration, as your 32GB or 64GB of SD card will be doing job for you.



  • Zaheera S

    I’m currently on Android version 4.2.2 on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, with 5gb free on phone and 14gb free on sd card. On trying to do software update error message is displayed: “Unable to download software (539.28 MB). Not enough space in device storage or SD card. Delete some items.”
    I have already disabled unrequired apps and moved games to SD card. Please help!!

  • Hi Peter. Why is that after I have updated my S4 to a new software – Android 4.3 , I noticed that my internal memory has changed from 16G to 9G only. I don’t understand why and why it has to be changed to 9g only. I hope you can answer my problem. Thank you so much.

    • Vel people are encountering such type of problems in their S4 after updating to Android 4.3. All of them are either having storage space problem or SD card problem. I would recommend you two things 1. Dial *#9900# then select the second option “Delete dumpstate/logcat”. If it fails then 2. Clear the cache of your phone, give it a hard reset and check your phone it will be good to go, if this fails too then. 3. Back up your entire phone and Factory Reset your phone, but this should always be considered as a last resort.

  • 1)button sent to send cart is disable.
    2)how change default write disk in camera?

  • Gemma Baker

    Hi, I would like some help as I have had the ‘storage space running out’ popping up on to my s4 mini 16gb, I have deleted over half of my apps and pictures yet it is still saying it and will not let me update any apps. If you could help that would be great

    • Gemma Cache of your phone is full. Over the time it consumes most storage space than anything else. Besides that, Pictures and voice notes you sent via apps like Viber, Whatsapp, WeChat etc also take extra space in your phone. You can directly clean your Cache (removes all the conversations in chatting apps etc as well) or you can install some cache cleaning app in your phone and remove all the unwanted data. There are a good number of Free apps available in Play Store.

  • Try upgrading your OS to the latest version. Some outdated OS has bug and one of them is the missing “move to SD” button. (Believe me I encountered this problem before)

    After moving most of your movable apps to SD and there’s still a popping message that your low on memory. Try to restart your phone after moving your apps to SD. That should do the trick.

    I hope that helps.

  • Debra Weaver

    What are ‘native feature’s? How do I tell them apart for something deletable?

    • Well you will not be allowed to deleted default programs from your S4. You will either get a message that it is a default feature and your phone might malfunction if you delete that or delete / disable option will be greyed out. SO don’t worry, you will be only allowed to delete apps that doesn’t harm your phone in any way.

  • Dodzie Love

    my Samsung galaxy s4 19500 has 8.82GB internal memory. I’ve covered only 115MB with applications installed, and could install nothing more than this limit. applications couldn’t be moved to external SD card too. what I get is “couldn’t move app “. some of the applications at times do not respond. And the phone get heated when used for even a short period of time.
    But what I’m very worried about is how I can use the remaining 8.69GB internal storage capacity, and how to extend it.
    please help me out …

    • Hi! It seems more of a software issue rather than hardware. Which Android OS you are using? If it is old than update it. Battery heat up problem in S4 is mainly caused due to software. Besides that, a whole lot of problems are also caused due to SD card, remove SD card and check whether the problem persists. If that doesn’t work then clean cache partition of your phone and check.

  • Thanks for the information. Wish it would be possible for Xbox Music..

  • not all apps can be moved to SD, if the “Move to SD” is greyed out then the app cannot be moved or does not support external SD storage

  • Sherie Guillory


    I have moved ALL of the apps it will allow me to over to the SD card, BUT I think it’s still not removing it from the internal storage because it still shows the app under “ALL” And I’m also continually getting the low memory or storage pop up – and it’s showing like I only have 456MB of space left on my internal storage space! ! I have the galaxy S4 with 16MB internal space and I have a 32MB SD memory card installed!

    Thanks for any help or advice you can give me!

    PS: Also, since I have updated the software, I keep getting the Touchwiz home thing popping up! I have clicked to clear the defaults thru Task Manager but it’s still doing it!


    Sherie G.

    • Hi Sherie. The thing is when you move your application to your SD card, you only move the application space to SD card, not the complete app. However there are some apps in Play Store that might be able to help you out with this issue, but Samsung’s default program is not able to move the entire app into SD card.

      For your other problem, clear cache of your phone if that doesn’t solves the problem then Restore Factory settings, this is surely going to resolve your issue.

  • What if I dont have “move to SD card” button? I have new 32 GB in my phone.

    Thank you

    • It has to be there Lidia, which OS you are running in your phone? It is the standard procedure followed in every S4. So it has to be there. Anyways can you send me a screen shot of that page please?

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