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HTC might be Apple’s Next Target on Patent infringement for Fingerprint Sensor

HTC might be Apple’s Next Target on Patent infringement for Fingerprint Sensor

htc patent infringement on fingerprint sensor

Recently Apple Inc. has won another patent infringement case against Samsung Inc. in which they were accused of stealing Apple Inc’s finger print sensor technology, hence halting the entrance of some of the Samsung’s products in United States.

There has been reports that HTC have also came up with a Smartphone which is equipped with Fingerprints sensor, hence paving the way for Apple to file another Patent Infringement case, and it seems that Apple Inc is going to win that easily as well!

However you might need to wait a bit long for that, as HTC is going to begin its sales in UK, Taiwan and China before reaching to the United States, but who knows Apple might already be preparing its case in this regard, irrespective of the fact that HTC is not a threat for Apple Inc.

Fingerprint sensors are surely the need of time, as it not only a distinctive features, but it also strengthens the security of your phone and data. In near future more and more companies will be moving forward towards this technology, so let’s see whether Apple files patent against them or not.

Some of the analysts believe that Apple Inc. might not do that, as HTC is not their Arch rival, but who knows Apple might be looking forwards making some millions, as nothing can be expected from Apple Inc.

Now all we have to do is to just wait and watch what HTC does in that regard, and whether they would be saved from Fingerprint Sensor Patent Infringement case or not!


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