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Finally HTC Launched its HTC ONE Dual SIM Smartphone in UK

Finally HTC Launched its HTC ONE Dual SIM Smartphone in UK

htc dual sim smartphone

HTC ONE is banned in UK and in some other EU nations too, but still this thing doesn’t stop HTC to launch their HTC ONE Dual SIM Smartphone in UK.

Now finally users have a choice to choose between two SIM Cards at the same time, hence allowing them to choose from which one they are planning to send messages or make phone calls.

In order to make the entire process of removing SIM Card easier, it comes with an easy to remove back cover.

This all new HTC One Dual – SIM Smartphone is equipped with a 1.7GHz Krait quad-core processor, 4 Megapixels (Primary Camera), 2.1 Megapixels (Secondary Camera), 32 GB of internal storage  space (can be expanded up to 64GB with Micro SD Card) and is available at £495.

HTC says that with HTC One Dual SIM phone, the need of carrying two phones will be dynamically reduced while it will also help travelers on their journeys, as they can keep up with their country’s phone number as well as their international number at the same time.


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