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HTC Planning to Launch its Cheaper Phones for Mid-Ranged Markets

HTC Planning to Launch its Cheaper Phones for Mid-Ranged Markets

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2013 has surely gone exceptionally well for a number of Smartphone manufacturing companies, as the biggest industry giants made billions out of it. While on the other hand some companies like Blackberry and HTC were not able to make anything out of it.

HTC which is known to be one of the biggest Smartphone manufacturers suffered a huge set back this year, as they not only did minimum sales, but they also had to pay a huge penalty over patent infringement to Nokia.

But the story doesn’t end here, besides just paying for patent Infringement, Nokia had HTC ONE and other HTC’s infringed devices banned in UK and in most of the European Countries, hence doing a great damage to HTC globally.

In order to overcome the losses of 2013, HTC is now planning to expand its scope by reaching mid-ranged larger markets where they can sell their products out much more easily and can make good profits out of it. HTC is planning to bring in their cheaper phone series, which will not only allow HTC to increase their sales, but will also help them to penetrate in the biggest mid-ranged Smartphone market (China).  This HTC phone will come up with 8 cores from MediaTek. The Cheaper HTC Phone is expected to be launched in Second Quarter of 2014.

Previous experiments with offering cheaper Smart phones (iPhone 5C) has surely went terribly wrong, and the companies had to limit the production of their cheaper phones, but still a good number of tech giants are more than interested in launching their cheaper versions of their phones in order to capture mid-ranged Smartphone markets globally, as they think their strategy regarding cheaper phones will work effectively.

Blackberry might also be working on their cheaper Blackberry phones, which is to be called as Blackberry Americano, Samsung with its Galaxy Core Advanced and Motorola with its Moto Budget phone series.

The year 2013 was rightly called as the year of tech surprises, while 2014 is expected to be the year of budget phones and curved screens. These budget phones and curved screen phones are surely the experiments that can make 2014 an innovative success or an awfully drastic year of “Techs Gone Wrong”, now all we have to do is to just wait and watch how the combination of budget phones and curved screens runs 2014 in tech world!


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