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HTC Budget Series – Two Budget Desire Series Phones Are On Their Way

HTC Budget Series – Two Budget Desire Series Phones Are On Their Way

Just 2 years back, HTC’s CEO Peter Chou said that the company will never go with manufacturing medium ranged or low budget Smart phones, as this is not their thing. However in recent press conference Chou admitted that they have been missing the most important trait of this industry, and i.e. to offer medium and low budget Smart phones, and this is the only reason why every year HTC is encountering a greater decline in their Smartphone sales.

htc budget desire series

As per the recent statistics (February 2014), HTC’s sales have dropped by 36.5%, which is surely very severe, and the total profit earned in the fiscal year of 2013 by the company was only $10 Million. HTC market position is quite shaky, and the only way they can get back in the market is via their budget line, else they will surely witness even bigger loss in this year, as already this market is at the verge of saturation and the Smartphone’s sales won’t raise more than 10% this year.

 After months of speculation, finally HTC has announced two of their budget phones under the banner of Desire series; these are known to be HTC Desire 516T and HTC Desire 516W. These two phones are on their way and will be launched in market at any time, as they have recently passed the certification.

Let’s have a look at the specs of Desire 516T and 516W:

HTC Desire 516T comes with a massive screen size of 5” with a 1.3GHz Quad Core Processor but only with 512MB RAM powered by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. Besides that, it comes with a 5MP Rear and VGA Front Camera.

While when it comes to Desire 516W it is also equipped with a 5” of screen size and Quad Core processor, but with a clock rate of 1.2GHz, however the RAM seems to be pretty impressive as it is 1GB and powered by Android 4.3 OS. Others Specs are same as of Desire 516T

Both of these budget line phones by HTC seems to be quite impressive, however their prices are not disclosed yet, and it is the price that can either make these phone a success or a failure, as most phones (iPhone 5C) that comes under the banner of budget phone aren’t really that cheap, and hence they fail badly in the market.

Now let’s wait and watch what prices HTC decides for their two budget phones, as now this could only decide the success or failure ratio of these two smart phones.


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