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HTC All New One – Just 3 More Days For The Launch

HTC All New One – Just 3 More Days For The Launch

It seems that HTC is pretty much excited about their new Flagship model HTC All New One, and this is because they are planning to take the ad campaign of this model to a whole new level.

25th March is the date given by The Taiwanese manufacturer for their HTC All New One model, which means that there are just 3 more days left!

HTC All new One release

For most people the new Flagship name seems to be pretty odd, but the advertisement campaigns designed by HTC are pretty impressive. For instance you can already see the countdown of the launch of this new model on their official site, and this Countdown comprises of Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds left for its launch, which make this thing pretty impressive. Smartphone Manufacturing Companies like it to keep their Flagship phones launch date a secret, but this is not the case for HTC, as they want the whole world to know about their new Flagship phone.

Besides Countdown Timer, the company is also planning to show the announcement of the device via Live Broadcast, and this is the thing which will surely attract thousands new towards this phone. HTC has surely created a great hype of HTC All New One, and this is surely the thing that will help them to get additional sales as compared to their last model. It is an open secret that HTC’s sales are falling at massive scale and the Smartphone industry is almost at the brink of Saturation, therefore it is the need of time that HTC should take the marketing campaign of their phone at a whole new level, which they actually are.

HTC is surely not surprising people when it comes to the launch of their new phone, but when it comes to its specs, it will surely be a huge surprise, as they have revealed nothing about it publicly / officially yet. Therefore when it comes to its specs, all we can do is to speculate those.

Here is the list of specs of HTC ALL NEW ONE based on rumors and reports:

Display Screen – 5” of Full HD display.

Processor – Quad Core 2.3 GHz Processor accompanied by a 2GB of RAM.

Storage Space – Comes with a 16GB of Internal Storage space along with the support of 64GB MicroSD Card.

Rear Camera – Ultra Pixel HTC Duo (Pixels unknown).

Front Camera – Equipped with a 5 Megapixels of Camera.

Battery – Powered with a 2600 mAh battery.    

Disclaimer: The above mentioned HTC All New One specs are just speculations based on previous rumors and reports. Actual Specs could be different.


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