History of Nokia Phones

History of Nokia Phones


Nokia is a Finnish company that offers its services in more than 120 countries while the company conducts its sales in more than 150 countries globally. Nokia is a communication and technology company that was started in the year 1865, however at that time it was known to be one of the leading rubber manufacturing companies, later the company entered in electricity generation business as well. Soon after World War 1, Nokia was almost at the brink of bankruptcy, and at that time it came in coalition with Finnish Rubber Works and Finnish Cable Works, hence becoming Nokia Corporation in the year 1967.

nokia phone history

After this merger, the new company took active part in many industries including paper, tire production, television sets, cables, consumer electronics, PC’s electricity generation machinery, communication equipments especially for military purposes etc. Other than these finished goods, they also contributed massively in producing, aluminum, plastic and other chemicals. Later in the year 1960 they set up their very own electronics department, which became the root of Nokia’s shift completely to telecommunication sector.

In the year 1990’s Nokia Corporation exited the consumer electronics market and started focusing on the telecommunication market, which was known to be the most unsaturated and the highly growing future market, while disconnecting with most of its side businesses. In beginning the company’s electronics department suffered losses (for up to 15 years), before the company switched to mobile telecommunication industry.

Mobile Phone Manufacturing

The very first phones manufactured by Nokia Corporation were 0G Phones, which were known to be as pre cellular tech used for mobile radio telecommunication. Later on Nokia started working on ARP standard, a technology used in phones that were used as car radio, hence in 1971 the launched this technology as a public mobile phone network in Finland, and within the period of 8 years the company achieved 100% coverage ratio. Afterwards, Nokia also played a major role in the development of Global System for Mobile Communication technology, which is also referred to GSM, which was able to carry out data as well as voice through this network efficiently and effectively, hence world’s first commercial GSM call was made on 1st July 1991, creating a pathway for others to follow.

Nokia’s First GSM Mobile Phone – Nokia 1011

The very first GSM mobile phone launched by Nokia was known to be Nokia 1011. 1011 was referred to as its launch date, which was 10th November; however this phone did not employ the default Nokia Tune. Other than calls, phone was also able to send and receive text messages.


  • Display: 2 Lines (Up to 8 Characters), Monochrome LCD
  • SMS Enabled
  • Compatible Networks: GSM 900
  • Weight: 495 grams
  • OS: Embedded
  • Memory: 99 Phonebook entry
  • Battery: Ni-CD 7.2V 900mAh

In the year 1994, Nokia stopped the production of this phone.

Nokia 2110 – The Second GSM Phone by Nokia

This is known to be the successor of Nokia 1011, and was known to be much more advanced as compared to its predecessor.  Nokia 2110 was launched in 1994 and came up with the default Nokia Ringtone that we hear till day. After a year, Nokia launched another version of Nokia 2110, known as Nokia 2110i, and it came up with a bigger memory size. Besides everything else, this phone was much cheaper as compared to others, hence became one of the most popular Nokia phone in history.


  • Display: 4×13 Characters Monochromic Grpahics
  • SMS Enabled
  • Ringtone: Default Nokia Ring Tone
  • Memory: Sim Card + 125 Entries
  • OS: Embedded
  • Call Records List of Dialed, Received and Missed Calls (10 in Nos.)
  • Network: 2G – GSM 900
  • Battery: NiMH 500mAh

Legacy – Some Most Successful Nokia Phones

Following are some of the most successful Nokia Phones before the launch of Smartphone series.

Nokia 6120

Nokia 6120 was launched in 1998, and the Nokia was able to sell its 21 million units, hence allowing it to be their biggest success at that time. This phone came up with some extra features like games, currency converter, alarm clock, calculator, calendar etc. It also works as a pager as well.

Nokia 3210 / 3310

These two phones were also known to be the most successful among the rest as Nokia 3210 and Nokia 3310 were able to make 150 Million and 126 Million Sales respectively. Till this date Nokia 3310 is still functional and still used by many, mainly because of its high performance battery, rigidness, reliability. People still want to buy this phone today, due to its battery timings.

Nokia 1100

Nokia 1100 was another top of the line phone launched by Nokia Corporation. Nokia 1100 was known to be the highest selling phone model, as compared to others, and this is because the company was able to sell its 250 Million units. Besides all the basic features and sleek and slim body, 1100 also comprises of a built-in flashlight and came in multiple colors for you to choose from.

Smart Phones by Nokia

N Series

Nokia’s N Series is regarded as their very first series of Smart phones. The N Series surely came out as one of the most successful line of phones by Nokia, as they had everything what people were looking for. N Series phone include: N70, N72, N73, N93, N95 etc. out of these N95 was known to be the most remarkable one, and people loved it to the masses, hence it can also be said as the last Symbian phone that actually made an impact in the market. The phone surely had some pretty impressive features, and this is why it was known to be the spotlight phone among the rest of the N Series.

E Series

Nokia E Series was launched in 2005, and was mainly known to represent QWERTY keypad. These were the first Nokia phones that came up with QWERTY keypad, and they became somewhat successful. Nokia launched 23 different models under this banner; however they were not able to match up with the other Smart phones at that time.

Nokia Lumia Series

Nokia Lumia Series can be said as the savior of Nokia Corporation, as for past many years the company was incurring some very serious losses, while their sales have drastically fallen. However not every Nokia Lumia Phone was a success, some of them went widely unsuccessful.

Let’s have a look at some of the most successful Nokia Lumia phones:

Nokia Lumia 800

This excellent 3.7” display Smartphone surely offers you with some of the best and the most distinctive features that allow you to make the most out of it in the best possible manner. Phone is equipped with 1.4 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 16GB of internal storage space followed by a 8 Megapixel camera. In order to know more about Nokia Lumia 800, you can check complete Lumia 800’s Specs and Reviews.

Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 820 is an upgraded version of Lumia 800; you can also check complete Lumia 820 specs and Review in order to know more about this phone. Lumia 820 has an additional SD card slot, which allows you to add a Micro SD card of up to 64GB while the processor speed is upgraded to 1.5 GHz and RAM is increased from 512MB to 1GB.

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 920 offers an extremely good display size of 4.3” hence allowing you to make the most out of it in the best possible manner. Besides that it is also equipped with front and rear cameras that offers you extensive video calling. In order to know more about Nokia Lumia 900 you can check its Specs and Reviews.

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 was another successful Smartphone by Nokia, and it did exceptionally well in UK and other European countries, although a very small stock was sent to United States, as the retailers in US knew that Windows Phone don’t have much demand in US, although they were able to sell their small stocks successfully. It has also been reported that the phone had up to 2.2 Million pre orders just in starting 3 weeks of the launch. You can check Lumia 920 Specs in order to know more about this phone.

Nokia Lumia 925

The phone was available from June 2013, however it didn’t went the way Nokia planned it to be, as company made only few sales over it and no proper record is found about this phone. In order to know more about this phone, you can always check for Lumia 925 Specs and Review. However in order to know more about this phone you can check Lumia 925’s specs.

Nokia Lumia 929

Nokia Lumia 929 is also known as Nokia Lumia Icon and was available from 20th February 2014. We have heard some positive feedbacks about this phone; however it is always a good idea to check Lumia 929 Specs and Reviews in order to know about his phone in a better way.

Nokia Lumia 1020

This was known to be the very first phone that was equipped with 41MP camera and comes with a 4.5” of display size, hence making it one of the most desirable phones of 2013. This phone surely has everything what you have been looking for, and in order to know more about this phone all you have to do is to check Lumia 1020 Specs, as they will give you even better idea about this phone.

Nokia Lumia 1320

This phone was announced in October 2013, but it hit a delay and finally it was released in January 2014. The specs set of this phone are not that impressive, but it is surely worth going with it. However in order to have a better idea about this phone, check Nokia Lumia 1320’s Specs and Reviews, as this will help you to decide whether you should go with it or not.

Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 was launched in October 2013, and it surely made an impact in the market with its 20MP pure view rear camera, hence allowing you to make the most out of it in the best possible manner. Lumia 1520 is known to be one of the most successful Nokia Lumia phones. It is surely a good idea to check with Lumia 1520’s specs and review in order to know more about this phone.

Nokia’s First Android Phone – Nokia X

Nokia X is known to be the Nokia’s very first Android based Smartphone. We can find mixed reviews about this new Android phone, as for some people it was quite impressive, while some of them categorize this clearly as a bad move by Nokia, and they didn’t liked that at all.

Downfall of Nokia

For past many years Nokia was suffering huge losses in their telecommunication business, and they admitted that it was due to the weak management and inability to foresee future market, hence company suffered the most. In the downsizing process, company laid off 4000 employees (In Europe and Mexico), 1000 Layoffs from their Finland factory. Till the end of 2013 the company laid off 10,000 employees globally. The time was pretty rough for the company, as they were investing more and more in return of very little outcome.

Microsoft Acquired Nokia

Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile manufacturing dept in a pretty bad state, as the company was making way much higher losses than profits, but as the Microsoft stepped in this business, Nokia again started to stand up on its feet and they made some pretty impressive sales over their Nokia Lumia phones in the fourth quarter of 2013, hence allowing the company to be back in track. 2014 is also going fine for Nokia Lumia phones, but let’s see what different surprises hold for Nokia phones in the remaining part of the year.


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