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3 Things I Hate About Samsung Galaxy Note 2

3 Things I Hate About Samsung Galaxy Note 2

This all new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is regarded as the new in thing in the market, as it is way much wider and different from its predecessors. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is equipped with a high performance Samsung Exynos Quad Core 1.6 Ghz processor with 2 GB RAM, hence allowing you to get the speed you deserve.

Samsung galaxy note 2

However even after all that there are some things that I and most people might hate about Samsung Galaxy Note 2. These include:

Limited Number Of Good S Pen Apps

The Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen is surely bigger and better than its previous ones, however the biggest let down about this is that, there are only limited number of good S Pen apps. This means that you literally can’t enjoy this advanced S Pen as much as you deserve. One of the reasons for this is that all the third party apps that are designed for S Pen are not designed by keeping the advanced features of this S Pen in mind.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Is Not 4G Compatible

Galaxy Note2 4g incompatible

One of the biggest let down that is associated with this Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is that it is not 4G compatible. One of the reasons Samsung gave for the incompatibility is that its current battery will not be able to cope up with the energy requirements of 4G connectivity; hence it is only supporting 3G for now. This is surely a huge let down for most of the Samsung Galaxy Note fans who were expecting way much out of this new model.

Accidentally Pressing Of Volume Buttons

One of the most annoying things that I have encountered in this Galaxy Note 2 is that one can accidentally press the volume button due to its larger size. The new volume buttons in Samsung note 2 are bigger and better, and is surely easily to press, but it is more accident prone and a person might get annoyed from it most of the times, as they almost always get pressed when you try to put it in or take it out from your pocket.

For me, all of the above things are the ones that allow me to literally hate Samsung Galaxy Note 2, as they are way much annoying and one cannot enjoy all the features which it has to offer.


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