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Samsung Galaxy Round Prototype to Test Curved Screen Smartphone Durability

Samsung Galaxy Round Prototype to Test Curved Screen Smartphone Durability

samsung galaxy round prototype

Just a few months back how many of us really knew that Samsung is going to launch the world’s first curved display Smartphone? None right? And this is mainly because Samsung actually never planned to take out a curved display Smartphone in market.

One of the Samsung’s official announced the launch of Samsung Galaxy Round in September, but didn’t revealed anything else, and this was mainly because he was also not sure about the marketing plan / strategy or he didn’t knew the ways in which company is planning to launch this product, and within a period of 2 weeks Samsung Galaxy Round was launched and found in South Korean market.

There have been strong reports that Samsung Galaxy Round is actually a prototype that Samsung has launched in the market just to know whether a curved display Smartphone will be able to last the pressure and rigidness of daily use or not, and this is one of the reasons why Samsung manufactured only a limited number of curved display Smartphone.

Galaxy Round comes with a super flexible AMOLED Touch screen display which is said to be more durable than common flat screen displays, but in order to verify that Samsung launched a limited number of Galaxy Round for general public and marked it as an official release, as none of them would have bought them if they are sold under the banner of “Prototype”.

In coming weeks we would either see a warm welcome to more of the Galaxy Round phones or we will say Good bye to them forever and wait for even better curved screen smart phones.

This is surely a well move played by Samsung, as they are not only testing Samsung Galaxy Round prototype, but they are also making good money from its sales.


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