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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problem?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problem?

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems in Samsung Galaxy Note can arrive due to any of the reasons, and the worst thing is that there are a great number of problems involved in that, and any problem can arrive at any time and due to any of the reasons.

Problem with Note’s Bluetooth is acceptable, and not most people bat an eye on that, and this is mainly because of the fact that they have many other excellent alternatives for sharing data than Bluetooth, hence they are also 4X fast than the Bluetooth, as all you need to have is an internet connection.

However if your phone encounters issues or any sort of problem in its Wi-Fi then it is surely the point of worrying, and this is because your phone will not be able to connect with any of the Wi-Fi services, hence limiting the internet access on the massive scale. However a person can use his network provider’s data bundle internet, which is surely expensive and most people avoid it because they have a better alternative for that, which is Wi-Fi. SO resolving Wi-Fi problems in your phone should always be given highest priority.



Following are the Samsung Galaxy Note Bluetooth Problems:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note cannot be found by other devices.
  • Failed to Connect
  • Data not transferring.
  • Data stops transferring.
  • Bluetooth not turning ON.


Following are the Samsung Galaxy Note Wi-Fi Problems:

  • Network not found
  • Router not found
  • Packets not transferring
  • Keeps on disconnecting
  • Weak Signal

Reasons of Problems

  • Water damage could be the main reason of the problem.
  • Not proper contact between Bluetooth’s contacts and antenna.
  • Any of the coils or capacitors might be damaged.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IC might be faulty.


For Bluetooth:

  • Toggle Bluetooth ON / OFF
  • Remove and reinsert battery and check
  • Factory reset
  • Software update

For Wi-Fi:

  • Remove and reinsert battery and check
  • Toggle WI–Fi ON or OFF
  •  Reset your Router
  • Software Update
  • Factory reset

Hardware Solutions for Samsung Galaxy Note Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problem

note 1 antenna

  • Clean Antenna and Check.

note 1 antenna contact wire

bluetooth contact and wifi ic

  • Check Bluetooth contact for water damage, if it is then replace them.
  • Make sure that Bluetooth Contact is in touch with Antenna properly. If it is not then gently pull up the antenna with the help of Tweezers.
  • Check Bluetooth Contact’s coil for any damage, if it is then replace it.
  • Check continuity between Coil and Bluetooth Contacts.

note 1 capacitor and battery terminals

  • Now check continuity between Battery’s Positive terminals with capacitor, change if it is damaged.
  • If everything else fails then apply heat on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IC and check. If that doesn’t work then replace IC.


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