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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to be equipped with 20 Mega Pixels Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to be equipped with 20 Mega Pixels Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 20 megapixel cam

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 is planned to be equipped with a 16 Megapixels of camera, but for Note 4, Samsung has something else in its mind.

According to the recent reports, it has been confirmed that Samsung has already started working on its 20 Mega pixels camera which is planned to be coming with Note 4 device.

Samsung is surely working real hard for 2014, and this is because it is going to be real tough and all the Smart phone manufacturing companies are planning to come up with some sort of innovation.

Note 4 with 20 Megapixels of camera is expected to be announced in the second half of 2014, but none of the other specifications are confirmed by far.

One of the drawbacks of Samsung’s phone is that they cannot accumulate optical image stabilization, and in order to overcome this difference, Samsung has decided to increase pixels of their camera.

Nokia Lumia 1020 comes up with 41 Megapixels of Camera, but still Note 3 has much better result even with its 13 Megapixels of camera, so you can already imagine what Note 4 would have to offer you.

Besides everything else, Samsung has already planned to equip all of its mid ranged Smart phones with 13 megapixels of camera, while all the other Elite range phones will accumulate 16 Megapixels of Camera.


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