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Resolving 4 Different Samsung Galaxy S3 Audio Problems

Resolving 4 Different Samsung Galaxy S3 Audio Problems

Normally Samsung Galaxy S3 audio problem is either speaker, Mic or buzzer one, and the method to overcome all such problems is quite different. In the following lines you will get to know about the solution of different Samsung Galaxy S3 audio problems.

Let’s begin with Speaker problem of Samsung Galaxy S3

Problems in Speaker

These are three possible problems that your speaker of Samsung Galaxy S3 might have encountered:

  • Noise in the speaker
  • No Sound (While calling or receiving calls)
  • Low Sound

Reasons of Problems

  • Dust on the speaker hole or speaker’s diaphragm might be causing this problem.
  • Speaker might be damaged or faulty.

Potential Solution

For Noise in the speaker

The reason for this might be the dust on speaker diaphragm, and in order to resolve this issue, all you have to do is to:

  • Open phone cover and clean the display unit as well as the hole where speaker is placed
  • If there is too much dust then it is better to replace it rather than cleaning it.

For No Sound

If there is no sound at all while calling or receiving calls then all you have to do is to restart your phone.

For Low Sound

The only reason for this is that your speaker is faulty, and you need to change it in order to overcome this issue.

 Hardware solution            

 Samsung Galaxy S3 Speaker Hardware  

In order to have a hardware solution of the speaker problem, all you have to do is to:

  • Check volume level in first place.
  • Verify whether the strip or connector has encountered any kind of physical or water damage,   if it has, then replace it.
    • In the above figure you can see + and – Terminals near connector P1 and P2 (marked as red), make sure that they are working fine.

Mic Problem of Samsung Galaxy S3


There are two main problems that are found in Primary and Secondary Mic of Samsung Galaxy S3

  • No sound is accepted by the Mic
  • Mic goes Mute while calling.

Reasons of Problems

  • Noise filter cap must be displaced or damaged.
  • Mic might be dry soldered.
  • Any of the IC or components might be faulty.
  • Audio Codec might be faulty.

Potential Solution

The potential solution is only for Mic goes mute while calling. If your Mic is only working when you record your voice, while it turns off/mute when you make a call then it is due to the noise filter cap, and it happens when it is damaged. Basically noise filter cap is a black colored rubber cap that covers the Mic hole for damage protection. If it is the case then all you have to do is to replace that cap!

 Samsung Galaxy S3 Mic Mute

If your Mic is only working when you record your voice, while it turns off/mute when you make a call then it is due to the noise filter cap, and it happens when it is damaged. Basically noise filter cap is a black colored rubber cap that covers the mic hole for damage protection. If it is the case then all you have to do is to replace that cap!

Hardware Solution

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mic problem

If no sound is accepted when you speak from the Mic, then all you have to do is to:

  • Go to settings in your Samsung Galaxy S3, and try to record your sound using sound recorder.
  • The Mic might be dry solder; therefore you need to reheat the Mic from bottom.
  • Now trace the circuit for Mic by using above schematic (Check Primary Mic figure)
  • Check the capacitor (marked in red circle), If it is working fine then check the black colored IC, (It is the interface for both Primary and Secondary Mic), replace that IC and check
  • Now check the Audio Codec by applying heat or go with re balling, replace it if necessary.

Buzzer Problem of Samsung Galaxy S3

 Samsung Galaxy S3 buzzer problem

Your Samsung Galaxy S3 buzzer might have the following problems:


  • Noisy or low Buzzer sound
  • No Buzzer sound at all

Reasons of Problems

  • Sticky dust over buzzer’s diaphragm or dust over the buzzer shield.
  • Buzzer might be water damaged.
  •  Buzzer connector or strip might be damaged / or any other component.
  • Connector’s pin might be damaged.

Hardware Solution

Noisy or Low Buzzer Sound

It must be due to the sticky dust over Diaphragm or protection shield over the buzzer, and in order to overcome that, all you have to do is to replace the buzzer part.

No Buzzer Sound

If there is no buzzer sound at all then all you have to do is to check the mute settings of Buzzer, and if it isn’t mute then:

  • Check the strip as well as the board connector for any physical or water damage.
  • Clean and solder connectors pin and proceed.
  • Check all the components (Marked with red rectangular in figure), If any of them is faulty change them.

Audio jack Problem of Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 audio problem


  • No voice in headset when Audio Jack is connected.
  • Low voice in headset.

Reasons of Problems

  • Headphones might be faulty.
  • Volume might be low or muted.

Potential Solutions

If nothing happens when you insert your HD jack into your phone then:

  • Check your head set’s volume settings.
  • Replace your headset with a better one and if it still doesn’t work then the problem is with your Samsung Galaxy S3 audio jack.

Hardware Solution

  • Check the board connector that is connected with buzzer strip and includes HD Jack. That is all what you have to do in order to over this problem.



  • I have galaxy s3 sprint. It got water damage and I paid someone to revive it. Got it fixed but didn’t realize no sound. Tried to use voice record but nothing. The phone will sync to Bluetooth headset and works. Ringer will vibrate but no sound at all? Wondering if I replace the speaker assembly? Would that fix it as well as the mic?

    • Yes your speaker and Mic is water damaged, and all you have to do is to get it replaced. But also make sure that you clean out all the traces of water damage in your phone. I believe that after replacement your phone will be good to go.

  • My audio works great except when I try to watch a video in my internet browser. I can hear videos on YouTube, facebook, Instagram, my gallery, etc. just fine. Seems like a setting that I can’t locate?

    • Try going with the headset and try to listen to the audio on internet browser again. You can also go into your sound settings in order to check what to do next.

  • Hey Peter,
    I’ve recently dropped my phone and had the screen fix. Only to find I cannot make or receive calls 🙁
    All my speakers work. I can also record my voice and play it back no problems. But when it comes to making a call, which it will allow me to do, It connects with no sound. My signal drops anx I get disconnected after 20secs more or less. I can’t hear anything my end and they can’t hear me either. Even when used through a headset its the same problem 🙁 whats the matter with my phone?

    • It seems that your speaker assembly is out, and you need to replace it in order to get it fixed. No other solution for that, however you can also try going with updating your phone, it might be able to fix your issue.

  • Hello,

    I once dropped my phone and the audio was working on and off. However it didnt go silent, rather it was crackling sound. It depended on “pressure” to make it work and in the end it fixed itself strange enough. Now today I dropped it again, and the pressure trick works but I am unsure whether it will get fixed completely again like last time. Do you have any idea what causes this?

    • Janske, last time you just got lucky enough! It accidentally got fixed, and you should be thankful about that, sometimes there are no answers to such things, and it may get it right on its own or not. It totally depends upon your luck.

  • hi. unfortunately i got cought the other day on my motorcycle in the rain. my phone got wet. i immedittaly put it in a bag of rice. the phone itself will not make any sound. BUT i can hear everything through my bluetooth. the notifications, play my music, and everything else,except when i try to call somebody or recieve a call. it makes no sound. thru my bluetooth i can hear it connect to the call but after that nothing. no ringing. no voices. nothing. i am not sure if i can fix this myself. i can try. but can you tell me what is wrong with it. or can by chance do you know were i could take it to get it fixed or somebody to work on it. thank you

    • Well your phone is water damaged, and the only thing that can fix this is that: Remove case of your S3 and track down and remove all the traces of water damage. Clean the entire board properly with the help of a cotton cloth. Also use blow dryer for few seconds. After doing that fix your phone and Power On again. I hope it works for you.

  • i replaced the port charging of t999. everything works except the mic.
    so i followed your steps: voice recording, check settings… but the
    t999 with no mic in and no voice recorder in. the board you pictured is not the same as mine.
    how can i send you a picture of my main board.


    • Laurent just go take picture of your board, go to some image sharing website and add the picture their and add the link in comment box. I will try to get to you asap.

  • raj kumar

    dear sir i have a problem in my mobile while doing outgoing or incoming calls am unable to listen voice…please help me.
    samsung duos

    • Did your phone encountered any kind of water damage? Other than that update your software, if that doesnt work for you then change your Audio strip.

  • I am using a samsung gakaxy s111. I cant hear whenever I make calls or receive calls…..can u help me please

  • Bhaa Zaher

    Hello. I got a problem that during calls they cant hear me and i cant hear them. The thing is with other apps like skype viber etc i listen clearly. The same problem goes with the headset works fine and wont work for phone calls( the speakers/microphone are fine) so i rest settings. Rest all the phone still the same problrm.. well i did everything you mentioned… please help

    • Well i recommend that you should go into settings and check. Just for instance remove all these skype, viber and other voice related apps and check. If the problem persists you have to change your entire audio assembly.

  • thank you for the article …. i got an old phone i still using it till now (galaxy wonder) every thing considering incoming and out going calls works fine but when i listen to music or watch a video the sound suddenly switch to ear piece after a 20 sec or more it switch back to the speakers so am really confused some said it is a software problem .. i dont know .. thank you in advance ps: (i know it is an s3 audio problems but this is the nearest thing i found about the topic )

    • Well it seems to be a software problem rather than hardware. Try going with factory reset and check. If that doesn’t work then update your phone and check.

  • anmol duggal

    I have s3. Yesterday a small piece of something like stone went into the audio jack and when I tried to remove it , I dont what happened but I pulled the stone out. I plugged my headphones but only the left speaker is working
    whats the problem?

    • Try any other headphone and check if the problem is similar, else you have to go change your phone’s audio jack. There is no other solution

  • hi i have a samsung galaxy s3 my son kept pressing the volume part and an ddown till is stuck i think it might have been broken now i cant hear when my phone rings and also when i pick up the person cant hear me and i cant hear them either any solution

    • Mic i think it is the volume button problem, as it is already stiff. Besides that I also want you to record your voice and replay it. If you still can’t hear anything then also refix your Mic rubber cap too. Tell me if that works for you.

  • Ben Keegan

    I got a s3 and no sound, I have replaced the bit with the headphone jack but sill no sound.. 🙁 about the replace the front glass too 🙁 I have notice there is a chip that’s gets really hot

    • Hi, can you send me the snap of that IC/Chip, so that I will be able to identify it? As if it is Audio Codec IC, then this could be the cause of this problem.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 i get no sound at all from it not even through the Audio Jack and the mic doesnt work either

    • Did you tried recording your voice and playing back? If in that case your Mic works then you need to remove and refix mic rubber cap, as when it is damaged or displaced Mic stops working during calls etc. Besides that, did your phone encountered any kind of water damage?

  • headphone now working and noticed that the small black chip under the frount cam plug and left to the speaker plug get really hot think itd this chip are the east to replace

    • Well if you have some soldering experience then you can do that, else i recommend that you show this to some professional, else you might rip off the board.

  • I think I got that buzzer prob, no sound from phone I can talk and hear fine when in a call got I want ring or play any sound, where is the buzzer on the motherboard and thanks mate

    • and no sound with head phones or when in call and put on speaker
      ive tried the sound about app and can hear thought the ear piece only, no bluethoof speaker to try

    • Yes you are surely having buzzer problem, but at first i would recommend you to check the settings of your current active profile. Buzzer is just underneath the charging dock. When your phone is laying upside down, you can see a mesh below the left corner of the phone this is where it is placed.

  • Hi Peter,
    I have a mic problem with my s3. When I call some one all the time they complaint about low volume. I have checked the volume settings and that all in full. Also restarted he phone and no luck.
    What you think?
    Please help me

  • Hi Peter Johnson,
    I like all the details given and off course that is a great help for anybody with Galaxy S3.
    I have one question
    When I call somebody, all the time they complain that the voice is too low unless I hold the microphone close to my mouth. It is sometimes common we all move the phone little bit away from our mouth while talking. When I put in speaker phone mode the microphone almost ok.
    What should I do? Where to start and is there any specific point to check for that or replace the microphone module itself? Could you post a video or photos how to check that using a multimeter and provide the links if possible? Also tell me where could I get genuine spare parts for smart phones regardless of brand? There are so many shops online but I am not sure that they sell genuine spares.
    Please help me asap.
    Thanks a Million

    • Ben i recommend that you should record voice in your phone’s voice recorder and play it back, to check volume level. Afterwards remove body of your phone and remove and re-fix MIC rubber cap. Also check whether it is damaged or not. Also clean Mic hole with the help of a pin, but don’t be harsh on that. I hope this solution works for you.

  • Irvin Foster

    My wife’s Galaxy 4S cell makes a loud fax like sound when making and receiving calls. She resolves it when the blue tooth is attached.
    She is planning on bringing it into AT&T store.

  • I dropped the camera about a month ago. I changed the back camera, and I lost the sound. It worked occasionally. I just changed the speaker and it is working once in a while. Is there anything I can do? Thank you so much.

    • Eric please check whether Strip connector is damaged or not (damaged, cut, roughed up etc), this could be the problem, if that is the case then change it. Besides that, also check whether strip connector is properly connected with the on-board connector or not (Check for loose ends). If that doesn’t work for you then clean on-board connector and strip connector and re-plug.

  • Stacy James

    Thanks for this info. My galaxy s3 was dead. When I charged (not fully) it and tried to make a call the person on the other end was hardly hearing me and there was alot of static. I tried sending voice notes and recording myself and I had the same issue. Also it sometimes takes very long to charge. Even when I change the charger though I see some improvement it is still too slow in that area.

    • Can you tell me how did that happened? Like why it became dead? It seems that your phone has a number of problems. The first can be resolved by simply changing your speaker, as it seems to be faulty or the one that has a whole lot of dust on its diaphragm. Well for second problem you might need to replace your battery, if that doesn’t work then check your charging connector, an clean it with the help of a pin and also check for any kind of water damage. After that check charging pins whether they are making proper contact with battery terminals or not.

  • Hi my s3 has very low and distorted sound coming from the loud speaker whether its a alert ringtones or music etc. But Headphones work fine when plugged in. I have tried 2 different speaker modules that I had bought from ebay but still have the same fault. Should I try a different vendor or do you think something else is to blame for the fault? Cheers

    • If you are having similar problems even though you changed two speaker modules, than the problem is surely different. Tell me one thing, can you hear the other person clearly when you are on call? If yes than the problem is not in your Speaker, but in the buzzer of your Phone. You need to replace buzzer instead of Speaker. This will surely resolve your problem.

      • Hi Peter. I can hear on the hand set but not on loudspeaker, sorry I ment I have changed the buzzer module when I called it the speaker module. Both times I had the same low muffled sounds. Cheers

        • Hand set means headset/earphones right? Try updating your phone, this might do the trick, and also do you face the same problem while listening to music or this muffled up sound only comes when you are talking on call?

          • it is only the loudspeaker that i am having the low muffled sound on both when playing music or any other sounds. I have replaced the buzzer unit with 2 other ones both from the same ebayer but all sound the same (very quiet and distorted)just checked and i have no updates available and i have tried a factory reset already.

            • Gareth I am not sure what is going on then, as low muffled sound always happen due to problem in buzzer. What I can say now is to try buying it from somewhere else not with the same buyer. However I also recommend that you should clean the buzzer opening (from phone’s body) with the help of a thin pin, so that all the dirt residue are cleaned, this is also the major cause of this problem.

  • Harry Zurita

    I am having an issue,similar to Amid, in my Galaxy S3 ( no sound during call, no sound from LoudSpeaker, Headphone, microphone not recording voice). I bought the phone in USA but I’m living in Australia, for that reason the phone isn’t under warranty. At first the phone was with some audio problems, but it fix them by itself, then one day stop all sounds as I mentioned. Nothing happened to the phone previously. But maybe because of the moisture, I felt the screen was a little wet at night.

    • Harry as you are saying that you felt the screen was a little bit wet than there are good chances that your phone is water damaged. The next thing that you need to do is to check which other functions of your phones are affected. Now remove body of your S3 and track down all the traces of moisture on your board, clean all those and also use a blow dryer for a few seconds over your board so that all the traces of moisture are properly removed. Then check. If that doesn’t work for you then follow the steps mentioned in above article.

  • Well I had to come back to this board about my Samsung Galaxy S3 and the ongoing problem I had with using ANY headphones in them. This was a huge problem for me since I like to listen to music and audio books at the gym. So I bought a used phone on eBay. Never have I had any problems with purchasing used cell phones in the past, but after a couple weeks of owning it, I noticed my headphones didn’t work at all. I checked on-line and found this to be a VERY common problem with the Galaxy S3. Solutions that I found and tried;

    • Many people reported lint in the female socket and so I blew it out with an air hose…but that didn’t help.

    • Pushing the headphones in further. I guess many people just didn’t have them pushed in all of the way. (If you are having problems with static or just one earplug is working, this or the next answer may solve your problem, but be careful not to damage your jack by doing so)

    • Getting a little piece of aluminum foil, fold and jab into female socket and then pushing headphones hard into the jack….Still didn’t work. (This worked well with people who had one earplug working and not the other)

    • Okay, so maybe it’s a software problem. So I went into Settings, My Device, Accessory and adjusting my docking and sound. Nope, nothing!

    • Still thinking that maybe it’s a software issue a few people on solution boards had success with the following: First restarting the phone with the headphones plugged in….then, if that didn’t work, going back to factory settings on the phone. Yes, I guess it did work for some people, but not for me.

    • So it MUST be a HARDWARE issue: Putting in a completely new female jack because the old one was known to easily break. I saw that MANY people did this and yes, I actually did this twice! First time I used a used one that a friend gave to me that was no longer using their phone and then realizing this might be a common problem in USED phones, I ordered a new jack online. I also installed it myself with no problems, but this also did NOT fix the problem.

    *****So this is what DID fix my problem: Let me first say, I had NO problems using Bluetooth in my car, nor anything else with my sound, but for some reason my phone would not detect when I inserted my headphones (yes, I did try a few difference headphones including the original set that came with the cell phone, as well as checking to make sure that each headphone set was actually in working order). My last resort was just trying a sound app. I REALLY didn’t think this would work at all…but it did!!! I installed SoundAbout (by David Woods). It had good reviews and a free trial and thought I could always just uninstall if this didn’t work either. I’m sure there’s many other sound apps that might have worked as well and honestly, I just installed the first one that popped up on my list that also had good reviews, but I’m just letting you know what worked for me. It is a great app…the only annoying thing is there’s an ad that pops up every time I open the app to buy the pro version. Well I finally did buy the pro version for $2.99. This has been the FIRST app I have EVER bought in my life and worth so much more than the three bucks. I spent weeks on trying to solve this headache. It’s set so sound goes through my headphones when I use audio media…so music, audio books and such come through the headphones (if I pulled out the headphones, sound was silent and did NOT automatically come out of speakers). I had no problem with hearing my alarm clock going off even when earphones were still plugged in. And my phone rang out loud and I could speak on the phone like I normally did even with the headphones in. You can program this to you liking.

    It seems to be a common problem that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is having. If you have insurance on your phone, I would suggest letting the pros handle any problems you may be having with your device because some things will nix your warranty. I’m not that savvy with technology but I have a very hard time giving up on finding solutions and will try multiply things multiply times before throwing it out the window or through a wall…lol. I hope that my input has helped someone solve their problem. If I was to do this all over again, I wouldn’t have bought a Galaxy S3. I only did so after seeing so many wonderful reviews. But after the first year, we then see all the glitches as with any kind of technology. Something “more better” will soon be replaced with another “top of the line” item. Good luck everyone!

    • Sounds Great Dawn! Congrats that you were finally able to resolve this problem! And Thank you very much for sharing your entire experience in your post, as this thing will surely help hundreds of others who are having similar issue with their Audio Jack! In fact you have mentioned few other quick solutions as well which will surely help others too. Thanks for the Contribution.

  • My Sprint Samsung Galaxy s3 audio jack doesn’t work. I bought 2 phones on eBay. One had a cracked screen; the other had a bad ESN so I switched out the bad parts for the good and got a good working phone for the most part at a really great price. BUT when plugging in headphones, they didn’t work. I tried pushing them in further because I read where this was a big problem…that didn’t work either. So I tried switching the other phone’s audio jack to my phone and either that one is also faulty, or perhaps I need to change a settings…but I’m stumped. I’m reading everywhere that this is a big problem with the S3. Everything else works just fine, but it would be really nice to be able to listen to music while I’m at the gym without disturbing everyone around me. Any suggestions?

    • I need to ask do you get notification of headset on your phone’s screen after you plug the headphones in Audio Jack? As this answer alone will help me to figure out the main cause of the problem. Besides that, is everything else working fine when it comes to sound?

  • No I havent recently downloaded any apps and all my apps are up to date. My phone is a rooted phone if I factory reset it will that unroot the phone? Seems easier to just factory reset it and reinstall my apps. Also will it delete my picture and contacts that are not saved on my sd card ?

    • Yes Suzly, you definitely need to take backup of your phone before you plan to do that. And no resetting your phone to factory settings won’t root the phone, so don’t worry about that. Instead of just doing factory reset, just remove Shazam , restart your phone and check the other apps if they are working or not. and repeat the above steps.. If everything else fails then go with factory reset, consider that as a last resort.

  • christine

    I have encounter sound issue on my S3 it hangs and mute after 5-10 mins used…but when i restart it will come back but wont sustain long time..every time i watch video and youtube it only lasted 5 mins and it shuts off the volume..
    hope u can help me


    • It seems that the problem is with your Audio IC. When your phone is reset it goes back to normal but after few minutes it gives the same problem. You need to get it replaced. But before that I recommend that you should upgrade or uninstall all the third part movie or voice related apps, as that might be the cause of this problem, as some third party apps interfere with the normal voice function of your phone causing such problem.

  • hello peter,
    thank you for having such a channel to help on these s3 problems. i have problems with sounds on my s3:

    – when making an outgoing call, i don’t hear the dial tone. phone line connects, but i can’t hear the other party and neither can she hear me.

    – when using GPS and putting it on speaker, there is no sound.
    (but i can play youtube videos with sounds)

    – no sound when using earplugs.

    how do i fix this? what parts are faulty?

    thanks so much!

    • Thank you for the appreciation Lee. The problem is very simple, all you have to do is to record your voice and play it back, if you hear your recording then it means that your MIC rubber cap is displaced. You simply need to open case of your phone and re-fix your Mic rubber cap and check, as soon as you will do it your issue will be resolved. Please send me feedback of this solution. Best regards.

  • I’m having a microphone issue on the s2. Forgive me, but I don’t see a similar post in the s2 section. Callers cannot hear me. When I record to voice recorder it’s a lot of static, I can barley make out my voice. I’ve cleaned microphone hole and opened up case to see if there was any debris or if the rubber cap was displaced; doesn’t seem to be. Still no luck. Phone has not been dropped or damaged in any way. Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

    • Well you have already done all the basic steps. I recommend you to upgrade your OS or you can try cleaning Speaker Mesh or replace the speaker and check, as static sound is also caused by the dust on the speakers. This could also be due to the problem in your Audio IC and you might need to replace that as well. RD there are a lot of things that are connected with each other, and i really can’t point out at any single point, you have to trace out the entire circuit.

      • Thanks for the response Peter. I looked for firmware updates and it said I’m already up to date. This is the same as updating my OS right?

        You say to clean the speaker mesh. Debris on the speaker mesh would affect my microphone problem?

        Once I check out the speaker mesh and if it still doesn’t fix the problem, what should I do next to determine what is wrong? I was considering buying a new microphone/USB port, but I’ve seen posts with similar problems that said this didn’t solve the problem

        Thank you very much for the help!

      • Ok I opened the phone back up again, and took out the speaker part, I did notice some gunk and dust on the speaker grill. I cleaned that with a que tip and now my I can hear my voice in the voice recorder with no static!

        But I’ve made a few voice calls, and the callers say that my voice seems to be cutting in and out a little bit, but with not static.

        I don’t think there is any more debris that I could clean off the grill. If I want to improve my audio quality, should I just replace that speaker bar?

        Thank you!

        • If you can hear your voice clearly after recording than it means that your speaker doesn’t have any problem, and now as the callers are complaining about the distortion then i recommend you to remove and clean your MIC rubber cap as well, as voice problems in calls happen due to that (however MIC works perfect when recording voice). After cleaning make sure that your MIC rubber cap isn’t damaged in any way. If it is damaged then replace Mic rubber cap with a new one and check.

  • Jonny Billings

    Hi, I have a Samsung galazy s3 Ive replaced the ear piece flex but the ear piece still don’t work

  • Hello,

    Thank you for the info you provided. I actually dropped my phone in watertoday. I already fixed the touch screen problem & everything else works except when I call,no one can hear me. I already did the things you mentioned above. I recorded a video and audio works. I did voice recording, did not work, there was only static sound. I think it’s the same for when I call (I used my dad’s phone to check and I think it was static-y as well. I’m not sure what to do. Please help

    • kaye that is simply the case of water damage. You need to remove case of your phone and clear all traces of water and moisture from your phone, clean all the connectors with the help of a cotton bud and use blow dryer to eliminate all the traces of water and check. In almost every case this is able to solve this type of problem. But make sure you are gentle and clean moisture on your phone from every point.

  • HELP! When I record on my phone whether it be on an app such as instagram or snap chat or even when I record on my camera on my phone the video will show without any audio. But I can hear nd be heard on phone calls nd I can also talk to txt nd voice record. My phone also picks up audio when using the app shazam. Im not sure what the problem is. I have not messed with my settings and ive tryied recording with my phone being off silent or vibrate. Any suggestions on how I can get the audio to be normal again?

    • Did this problem arrived after you installed some app or something? If it is the case then delete that app and check. As you can hear or record voice using Shazam app but not when using Instagram and Snap Chat then the first thing that you need to do is to update these apps, if they still dont work then delete and reinstall them and check, if this doesn’t solves the problem for you then delete Shazam app and check, as this might be causing the problem. Tell me if it works for you.

  • Im having some problems with my s3, whenever i press the home button to enter my password as soon as i click anything a fussy sound comes out of my speakers for about 5 seconds. can you please help me its really irritating

    • It seems that whenever you press your S3’s home button it remained pressed and a fussy sound come out of your phone. You have a home button issue. It is just like when you press multiple buttons on your PC’s Keyboard and your RAM makes a sound, it is similar to that.


    What should I do if it has a low noisey scracthy sound with speaker of phone and the headphones too plz help me

    • For headphones issue, check with other working headphone if other is working or not. This low noisey scratchy sound is due to dust, you need to clean your speakers mesh (from inside) then check if the problem persists then you need to change your speaker. There is no other solution than this for such audio problem.

  • Hey so recently i have encountered a problem with my S3 when dialing or receiving calls, i cannot hear or talk the people on my phone even if i put the phone on speaker or try and use it through a bluetooth device, My speakers work when i play music through them but not in calls and mic works in several different apps and again not in calls. i Have reset my phone to factory settings and it still has this problem , what do i do ?

    • Josh the problem is in your MIC’s rubber cap, either it is displaced or is damaged. If it is damaged replace it and if it is replaced then refix it.

  • i have galaxy S3 and the sound of the music that i put came noise and like slowly when i push power button, pls help.

  • rlawrence

    My sound, blue tooth and speaker, stopped at the same time the micro phone stopped for recording (video I tried). Once I found my system volume down (somehow), but now it is up and still no sound on any recording or streaming on the phone and no recording (sent file to computer and no audio on video I recorded). Then I made a phone call to my home phone to see if I could hear and talk on speaker/mic; all worked perfectly. I recall my speaker quit before and I called the phone support to inquire solution and it all worked after i called them. Thus, this is definitely a software issue. The software seems to force reset of all audio when making a call. I’m guessing this is designed to make sure the 911 call failure isn’t blamed on Samsung.

    Thus…..what is going on in this situation. 100% sure of my facts. Calling out resets the audio in some way; so what is the issue and how do I reset without making a call?

    • rlawrence

      …and what is the ultimate cause? I do run a security software myKeypad and FLIR video at night; this morning I noticed both were also stopped through the night. then notice all audio was off; suspect one of those are affecting the phone?

      • They might be effecting your phone as well. First update both of these software (if update is available) and check. If you encounter similar problem then uninstall them as third party software (especially the non updated ones) cause this problem. Uninstall them and check. Please do let me know if that works for you.

    • So what did support team actually told you that made your phone working fine again? I can’t advice you anything until I know complete details over it

  • My Wife has an S3.
    She is having issues with charging and this sounds stupid but it happens for 4 days once a month.
    Anywho the audio issue is. No one can hear her when she calls, but if she puts it on speaker they can hear her but very very very quiet

    • Well that’s pretty Odd that charging problem only lasts for 4 days every month. What kind of issues do you encounter while charging that happen just for 4 days every month?
      And for the audio issue. I recommend that you should change MIC rubber cap of your phone or check whether it is displaced or not.

  • When I’m listening to music with headset on(low volume) I hear this hiss crackling noise? Also happens during call. If I turn my WiFi on the other person hears this high pitch buzz noise but when I have my wifi off she doesn’t hear it anymore? Brand new s3. My s2 didn’t have any of this problem. Going through vm

    • The very first thing that you need to do is to go with a software update, this will solve both of these problems. If that doesn’t work then for first problem check with any other headphone, if that doesn’t work then you need to change your Audio Jack. The second problem is due to software update, as a whole lot of people have witnessed this issue. And tell me on thing, this high pitch buzz is heard by the caller from the beginning or the problem has arrived recently?

  • Hello,
    I am having sound issue in Galaxy S3 ( no sound during call, no sound from LoudSpeaker, Headphone, microphone not recording voice). This happened all of sudden last Monday and rest of the features are working without any issue. I have followed instructions at link mentioned ( kept a small plastic card over AUD305B IC before packing it again, nothing changed and no sound still. I gave S3 for servicing at Samsung Authorized Service center, but they were not able to find the issue. Would you please suggest what can be done to get the sound back in S3. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Amit! I have checked the information you gave me in that link, and it doesn’t make any sense, how come a plastic can do the job? Besides that it is also not important that the chip is found to be faulty, there could be other components as well. Anyways i need to know after which incident you have started facing Galaxy S3 sound problem? Coz in such cases it is very important to know what has actually happened with your phone, especially when Samsung’s service center was not able to get the job done for you.

      • Hello Peter,
        Appreciate your effort on providing guidance to all. My issue started when the phone was lying in my wife’s bag and due to no charge in battery, it got switched off. After charging and restarting the issue came up. After trying various software updates and trying what was mentioned in the link shared in my previous mail, issue is still there. I paired with my Car’s Bluetooth system and it worked fine for call or playing music through Car Speakers. Currently, I am able to make and receive calls using Bluetooth headset, but no luck with Phone’s speaker/microphone/Headset. I even bought Soundabout-Pro Application from Google Play to check if it works, but mentioned issue is still there.
        My phone model is SGH-I747M and is out of warranty.
        Thanks once again for your guidance.


        • Amit for me it still seems to be a software problem, as it is working fine with bluetooth headset. However go with factory reset, and if things still don’t work then change audio IC, that might do the job for you, else you need to take it to a repairer.

  • My Samsung GS3 had been dropped in water, and a day or so before that, a headphone input broke off and got stuck in the jack . I soaked it in rice, and everything worked seemingly okay again, aside from not being able to remove the tip of the headphone that got stuck. But now once in a while my media sound stops working. All other sounds work fine, phone calls and system sounds work (and yes, I make sure the media volume is turned up). And then one day the media will suddenly work fine again. Any advice on how to fix this?

    • One thing is for sure that you need to change your Audio Jack at the earliest, as this might be the cause of every problem you are encountering. If that doesn’t work then your phone might be water damaged as well, but the first thing that you need to do is to get it replaced at the earliest.

  • Hi Peter. I have the same phone as my daughter so I took mine apart and replaced the rubber cap on her phone with mine but it still didn’t work. Is there anything else I can try? She can record her voice and play it back. Just no one can hear her on a call. You can email me if you would like as well. I appreciate all your help!

    • Replacing Mic rubber cap should have resolved this problem. All I can say is to check whether it is properly fixed or not. Besides that, also check whether your daughter has installed any of the third party apps after which she is encountering this type of problem, as sometimes few third party voice apps also interfere with the basic functions of the phone.

  • There is a white square rubber piece in the phone, that actually leads out to the hole for the microphone. Is that what I need to look for? I don’t see anything black on this one. Thanks for your help!!

    • Yes Katy that’s the one you are looking for, just replace that mic rubber cap and you will resolve this problem.

      • Hi Peter, I left another message here this weekend but don’t see it. We have the same phones so I replaced her mic cap with mine but it still is not working. I had to solder a new charging port into her phone very recently. But she is not sure whether or not she could be heard on calls before that was done since she texts so much and doesn’t make very many calls. I am not sure if me changing the charging port had something to do with it. Do you repair phones? Or know of someone I can trust that I can send it to for repair? I have tried everything I can think of to fix it and can’t go any further on it. Thanks for your help.

  • My daughter’s Samsung S3 phone is acting up. She can record her voice and play it back but no one can hear her when she makes a call. It says above that the noise filter cap needs to be replaced. Does that mean I need to replace the whole microphone? Is the filter cap inside the microphone?

    • Katy this problem happens when your Mic rubber cap / noise filter is displaced or is out of order. No you don’t need to replace your MIC, only the MIC rubber cap / noise filter that is covering the MIC. Just remove back cover and frame of your S3 and at the bottom of your phone you will see a black colored rubber, which is actually the rubber cap or noise filter. Fix it if it is displayed or change it if it is damaged.

  • Richard Knowlton

    I have a brand new Samsung galaxy s3 … it has never been dropped or been wet. I have had no issues or complaints until this past 24 hours when all of a sudden my mic is barely picking up my voice in calls or on the recorder. It is so new I will probably take it back as opposed to opening it up but was wondering what other options I may have. No other problems with it at all … Thanks fir any help!

    • I recommend you to clean the Mic Hole, disassemble your phone, remove and clean MIC rubber cap, fix and check. It will surely solve your problem, as you said that your S3 never dropped or encounter any kind of moisture. Please do let me know if that works for you.

  • Daniela Baltazar

    First of all, thank you for responding and for your expertise! I tried to purchase OEM, I looked everywhere because I didn’t want generic. The site I bought from said it was OEM but honestly when it arrived, it didn’t appear to be. A couple of things just looked different. The static comes and goes and appears to be less. Nevertheless it’s still present. The volume is the big issue. It’s just low and I can’t hear notifications if I’m in a noisy place.
    I will try cleaning again and carefully heating it. Hope it works. I love my phone, and everything else is working great! I’ll keep you posted.

    • You are welcome! Well I personally recommend not to buy OEM, as OEM is regarded as a product not manufactured by the company, but manufactured by a Third Party for the company, and in case of cellular phones most of the time they are found to be of low quality or simply to say crappy. Besides that, a whole lot of people sell low quality cellular phone parts under the name of “OEM”. When it comes to cellular phones Genuine and OEM terms have a whole lot of difference.
      My friend you have been scammed as you also said that it didn’t appear to be a good quality one, then it literally means the problem is still in your speaker not with other parts, as even that new OEM speaker has low and distorted sound, which is only caused when your speaker is faulty. But you can try heating up your board and trace out any traces of water damage on your phone and clean it, but if it still fails to perform then you need to change that speaker again. I recommend that you should contact the company that sold you that speaker and demand for your money back, as you have wasted your time and thrown your money away for nothing.

  • Daniela Baltazar

    Hi. I dropped my phone in water. Everything works fine except speaker, which has been crackling and with low volume. I replaced the speaker for a new one, and this did not help much. Still low volume and the static can be heard occasionally but especially when power on and off. Thanks in advance.

    • Daniela if you have already replaced your speaker than it must be that other components are water damaged. Normally the only solution for low and distorted voice is the speaker replacement, but as it is not the case then clean speaker contact pins properly and gently heat your board with the help of a heat gun (Blow dryer can also be used) for 5 seconds.also clean all the traces of water damage, especially on the on-board contacts / pins of speaker. I hope it resolves the issue, and one more thing, did you bought Original Samsung S3 speaker or OMI version?

  • Hi,
    I am facing a strange problem in my samsung S3. There is no incoming and outgoing sound while calling but I can record my voice and can hear it clearly. actually it got dropped yesterday and after that I am facing this problem. Any help regarding my problem? I appreciate…

    • Satbir the solution is very simple, just remove your phone case and check for the Mic’s rubber cap, it must be displaced. Simply re-fix it after cleaning and you will get your problem resolved.

  • Hi. I dropped my samsung s3 in water. Everything works but no one can hear me when they call. What can i do to sort it.

    • Tracy at first try to record your voice via voice recorder and see that anything gets recorded or not. If you are n0t able to hear back anything even after recording than it is surly your mic problem. Open your S3 and trace the entire circuit and gently heat your s3 board’s circuit with the help of a heat blower, but make sure that you slightly heat them and the procedure should be performed gently. If you have a multi-meter at your disposal then check whether the mentioned capacitor is working fine or not. If you are able to hear your voice when you record your voice then remove, clean and refix Mic noise filter cap as it must be displaced.

  • Dear peter, my samsung s3 had one problem, which is I cant record any sound either in video camera nor voice recorder. But weirdly in calls, it works perfectly fine! I drop my hp once and it cracked. Pls help me wats the problem!!

    • If you have no sound problem while making calls then it seems that your IC and other parts are working fine, and the only thing that you need to do is to go with a software update. Besides that, i also recommend you to remove any camera related app as well, as this might also be the cause of the problem. Please also check your volume settings, any of these things will help you in resolving your problem.

  • hi can some one please help my miss spilt a bit off water on the charing jack I think. so now it just keep on opening “””:siri and driver mode enabled. it’s driving me crazy what do you think I should do because I take it to phone repairs and thay don’t want it help please thanks.

    • Hi! Mick your phone is water damaged, and you need to trace out your entire circuit and check for water damage on your entire board. Clean water damaged areas and resolder all those areas, that’s the only thing that you can do.

  • Hi, I have GS3 with no sound in the loud speaker while I can hear it in the audio jack. I changed the load speaker and checked the soldering also I hard reset it with no luck at all.
    any suggestions

    • Please check for any traces of water or physical damage, if that doesn’t work then trace out all the faulty capacitors, as they might be short or faulty. Replace them and check. Anyways did you re-soldered the points? As you cannot analyze whether you need to resolder it or not. please re-solder and check.

  • hi my sumsung s3 is going crazy its opening siri when it likes and it says enabel driving mode when it likes. now there’s no sound at all like when you watch videos. can you please help me im going nuts !!!!!!

    • Hi! Did your phone any kind of moisture or water droplets previously? And please can you tell me after which incident this thing started to happen? If you haven’t encountered any such thing than update your OS or go with hard reset. If that fails then restore your phone to factory settings. I hope this solves the problem

  • lyra ayson

    Ive been encountering annoying problems in my s3 speaker, every time i try to play music, at first 20 secs it sounds good and clear.. then some time after that it just crackles like im listening to a radio or something theres a buzz sound or maybe like a frequency thingy yhat disturbs the music. It becomes high pitched too even the system sounds
    Like when im clicking the volume buttons beside the phone theres a sound when you increase volume right, its high pitched. And it becomes too moisy the music im playing gets really low and hizz i cant even understand the lyrics anymore. But whenever i put on my earphones, it works just perfectly fine. Please do u know the win win solution to this?

    • Lyra this is the time you should say “Bye – Bye” to your speaker, First try to clean it with a cotton cloth from outside as well as from the inside and check, if that doesn’t solves the problem then you need to change your speaker, there is no other solution than that. Besides that, thank you for the detailed information, it helped me in understanding the real problem.

  • Hi Peter, thanks for this wonderful medium. My S3 has a couple of problems:
    1)The LED light stays perpetually on. I have checked in settings but it was not set to be on.
    2) My audio is completely off. I dont get any audio during start up, playing movie or audio file and when calls come in I cant hear it ring and when I try to pick call, it just hangs. If i try making a call its quiet and then hangs for a few seconds.
    One of my apps that employs audio gave me an error message ‘no audio device’, all other apps that require audio just crash on initiation.

    • Samuel just go with a software update and also connect your phone to your PC and check it entirely with the help of any reliable antivirus. It seems to be a virus issue. Also wipe the cache of your phone and do a factory reset, this should get the job done right.

  • Hi Peter,

    When I make a call or receive a call, I can’t hear at all, have even tried using the speaker/head phones, also have noticed the network signal drops for a few secs when I try to make the call again. I’ve done the factory reset, restarted it, checked all the volume controls. Record my voice and play it i can hear my self!! I rooted/unroot the phone it 8 of 10 calls dropped! I have sent it to Samsung and they tested the hardware everything pass according to the specification but stil no luck.

    Appreciate your advise. Thanks

    • Hi Julio. Did Samsung sent any hardware report or did they tell which components they checked in their testing phase, and did they mention any kind of suggestion? I really need to know what did they say in their report, as after that I will be able to give you any viable suggestion.

  • Dear Peter, thanks for such informative article. However, I recently bought Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Model: I9082. After few weeks, suddenly no voice coming or going during calls. Whether I call or receive call, it’s same. What should I do? I heard that it’s manufacturing fault or something else. Please help me.

    • Hello Dilawar! The very first thing that you need to do is to record your voice and replay it in order to know what’s the actual cause of problem. If it is in warranty than claim it.

  • I have that problem.. But all at once i cant play music theres no sound at all, can recive or call because theres no sound either.. Help plz

    • What was the reason of the problem? or what you think might be the reason of this issue? As i need to know before giving you a proper answer.

  • My son dropped his Galaxy in water a year ago. After drying it out, everything works except no sounds on the phone. Can just the mic be replaced? Does it need to be soldered on? How difficult is it?

    Thanks Bh

    • Apparently the problem might only be with audio strip. Change and check, but before that, i recommend you to clean on-board connectors of Audio and check, if might work. If that doesn’t work then gently heat Audio IC and check, and if it still fails then replace audio IC. In order to solder you need to have firm hands and also a standard soldering gun.

  • My Galaxy s2 was ran through the washer since then the loud speaker has no sound as well as the jack. And both the ear piece and Mic distort the voice very crackly. Any Ideas. And as the other poster said would washing it with Alcohol and drying it help further corrosion. Or is the damage already done? Thanks.

    • If everything else is working fine other than Audio than you are surely very lucky. The damage has been done, just unplug all the audio strip and clean them and also their on-board connectors. Besides that, also trace for any other water damage and clean it properly with gentle hands, and also gently heat Audio IC. If it still fails then change entire Audio strip. Nake sure that you check after every step.

  • hi there,
    my phone, S3 lte was dropped (not by me), leaving me with 3 light cracks on the screen, but functional. however the biggest issue is now i have no sound during calls, i can’t hear or be heard. Funniest thing the phone’s sounds work great, i can watch movies, system sounds and i can even hear the beep sounds of starting and ending the call! could you shed some light to this enigma?
    let me know if you require more info.

    • Hello Dan, First i need you to go into voice recording and record something and hear it back via loud speaker as well as in normal mode. And after you do that, please do let me know, as it will help me to recognize actual problem.

  • Hey I just replaced a LCD screen on Verizon galaxy s3. First thing I noticed was in call sound speaker doesn’t work at all. I put a new audio strip in it. Still not working.. Also noticed headphone port doesn’t work either. What on the board could be the problem?

    • Problem could be in your on-board audio connector. Unplug strip, clean and check. If that doesn’t work then resolder. Also make sure that your capacitors and coil are showing continuity. You can check this via multimeter.

  • I am fed up with my S3. When I make a call or receive a call, I can’t hear at all, have even tried using the speaker/head phones, also have noticed the network signal drops for a few secs when I try to make the call again. I’ve done the factory reset, restarted it, checked all the volume controls. Appreciate your advise. Thanks

    • Hi! The very first thing that you need to do is to record your voice via your S3 and play it back, if it still fails then you need to go into its hardware, also tell whether the other person is able to hear your voice or not. Follow the following steps.
      Unplug , clean and replug Audio strip and its on board connector -> If it fails then change your audio strip. Also if you have a multimeter then check different points for continuity.

  • i pluged my phone in to a speaker and it worked fine but after i unpluged it . it started makeing this loud noise like a old air raid siren plus the jack is no longer working and when i call someone i cant hear or talk so like its broke my mic & speaker & Headphone Jack

    The samething has happend to my mates ipod but his ipod will nolonger charge or turn on

    And to top it of i have another mate who tryed the speaker with his ipad and now the headphone jack wont work

    • Definitely your speaker has damaged your phone. Try to record your voice using your phone’s voice recorder and listen to it, then you will actually know whether it is some other issue or not. If this thing fails then you need to change your entire Audio strip.

  • Hi, my phone has just started making a static noise randomly out the loud speaker on the back. Lasts for 2-4 seconds and then stops. When I speak to anyone on the phone, there is a lot of background noise – the people i speak to cut in and out, whereas one of my friends said it sounded like i had a hair dryer going. Texting etc all works fine, just the sound part has gone crazy. Do you recommend replacing the whole audio strip?

    • Clearly you need to change your loud speaker, as when such type of static noises occur it means that you really need to change your speaker. Background sound means that your MIC rubber cap is damaged or must be out of its place. Try to fix that MIC rubber cap, and if problem persists i recommend that you should change the entire audio strip.

  • Chad Jackson

    Hey great info! Thanks! I have a samsung S3 T999. I am trying to fix. It has no sound or vibration. I changed the speaker assembly, but no good. When you first turn on the phone you get a popping sound. Also, there is no sound from audio jack. So obviously nothing getting to that plug. But I checked it, and replaced it, still nothing. Is there any type of fuse, or where is the main audio processor? i dont have a schematic. Thanks!

    • I need to know what actually happened to your phone? Did it Dropped, water damage after you save the issue? The more background information you give the easier to help.

  • Gary Chen

    My S3 has a thing where either all the audio works or doesn’t work for different time periods. When everything is working and I am in a call, people always tell me they hear a loud echo. Then, sometimes everything will stop working including the speaker, mic, headset and there will be no audio and nobody can hear me in calls. Any idea what the problem could be?

    • Gary it is clearly the problem with your entire Audio strip, clean strip connector as well as Audio strip on board connector, if that doesn’t work then replace your Audio strip. This should solve the problem. If it still fails then you need to heat audio controller IC or replace it. But replacing Audio IC should always be considered as the Last resort.

  • My Samsung has been parked for over a year now. I would like to start using it again – so I pulled it out and reset to factory and inserted a new SIM. Everything seems to be working fine BUT the sound. Its like I have it in “silent” mode or muted the volumes.. which is not the case.

    I cannot hear any incoming calls/msgs … but the phone works great and I answer calls and hear/speak with no issues….. Can you assist?

    • Ramy your S3 Buzzer is out of order, as your phone is behaving that it is in silent mode. Replace your buzzer, this would surely solve your problem.

  • Tim Bragg

    My wife ran her Galaxy S3 through the washer. We did “dry out in a bag of rice trick”. I took phone completely apart and wiped down with alcohol and dried in rice. Everything works except the sound. I then replaced the speaker board but still no sound at all. The odd thing to me is that if I plug in headphones, I can get sound there but that is all.

    • Tim, the problem could be anything, as it is the case of water damage. BY saying you have replaced Sound board, do you mean to say the entire audio strip right?
      As you have already changed your speaker then the next thing that you need to do is to check continuity of + and – terminals as mentioned in first picture of this article. If they are working fine then you need to replace Audio IC.

  • I just got my s3 and when I call people or they call me… I can’t hear them at all but they can hear me… I’ve reset my phone.. restarted it.. checked all the volume controls.. I paid way too much for this phone for me to not even be able to use it as a phone. .. I did just notice when I’m in call I can put it on speaker and hear the other person… but not when I use the phone normally.

    • Siera clearly your speaker is out of order, and you can’t do anything other than to replace it. If you want to do that on your own (just to save the cost)then buy entire volume/speaker strip. A speaker strip comprises of Audio Jack, Volume buttons, Speaker and LCD Flash. Simply remove the entire strip and replace it with a new one and it will be good to go!

      Make sure that you remove and re-plug the strip gently (Hands should be steady and gentle during the entire process). This thing is surely going to solve your problem.

  • I have galaxy s3 the solder balls for the mic section got ripped out is there anyway to bridge a new mic to some where else on the board also prior to that happening…

    • No Micheal there is no possibility that you can bridge a new MIC to somewhere else on the board. Anyways can you send me the images of ripped off solder balls? Only then I will be able to define your next move.

  • Hey man what if all sound from buzzer .. ear piece… head phone jack when used has noisy scretchy static sound

    • Solution is similar if buzzer, ear piece and Headphone jack all are giving noisy sound. It must be the problem with respected IC or the terminals might be short.

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