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Apple gives Deadline to Developers for their App Optimization for iOS 7

Apple gives Deadline to Developers for their App Optimization for iOS 7


Apple’s iOS 7 is known to be the biggest Operating System update of Apple, as it changed the entire look of the operating system, and not just the look, it has also allowed it to become much faster as compared to its previous versions.

iOS 7 has surely became a huge success, as 74% of its devices have already switched to iOS 7 within three months of its launch. This is one of the reasons why Apple has given deadline to all the app developers to optimize their app for iOS till 1st February 2014, else their apps will be kicked out from the Apple App Store.

iDevice users have dynamically switched to iOS 7, and it became really very important for Apple to gave a deadline to its app developers, so that its users won’t download the apps that doesn’t work anymore. Besides everything else, this will also remove all the outdated, abandoned as well as faulty apps from the store, hence allowing you to view and download the most updated apps.

This new iOS 7 is surely known to be the fastest processing iOS that has been launched so far, and will surely give an ultimate experience to the users, as they will be able to experience much better performance of applications.


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